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Finally I’m back with a slinky shiny silver beast

Baby chicken copyright Caroline

Baby chicken copyright Caroline

Danny has bought me a new notebook. 50 birthday presents rolled into one.

My new friend is slim, silver and finally rearing to go. Most of today was spent creating restore disks and updating windows Vista. Finally we are up and running and shaking off the dew that Microsoft probably sprinkles when a new user has just completed the set up.

I can now read the weather forecast online. Essential for those working out doors.  And review the changes that D has made to the website. And check my emails without asking,
“Could I borrow your laptop for 20 minutes?”
It’s never 20 minutes. I can tell by the harried expression that nods encouragingly through the kitchen door.

Finally I’m free and loving it. I hold the reins of a silver beast that is longing to travel and share the best of experiences.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Jo

    Thanks for leaving a comment. I’ve really missed doing the blog.

    Hi Magic Cochin

    Yes, I was impressed when Danny took up the riens.

    BTW I like your pink hen!

    Hi Michelle

    Those red Dells are very stylish!

    Sharing a laptop is almost impossible in this cottage as they are in constant use. So D made a big sacrifice

    Hello Veronica

    It’s great to be back. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Hi Sylvie

    Good to be back too. I felt completely out of touch.

    Hi Wendy

    Thank you. I’m so happy to be back.

    Hello Domestic Executive

    That sounds like a wise move to me. Happy travelling.

  2. Domestic Executive

    Oh I so know what you mean about borrowing the laptop. I invested in a new one as we’re going to be away from home for a while travelling and I perish the thought that I’d have to sit and wait my turn!

  3. Wendy

    Lovely to have you back again and know that you are happy. x

  4. Sylvie

    Great to have you back properly!

  5. Veronica

    Hurray! Welcome back, and enjoy your new beast. Oh, and a big thank you to Danny for a) holding the fort, b) looking after you and c) lending you his laptop so that you could pop in here from time to time.

  6. michelle sheets

    Welcome back Fiona!
    I know what you mean about shareing, it never ends up being “just a moment, 10 minutes tops” and as I work in the field, I have to do my reports from home. And since my husband has his own “group” to monotor, a laptop for me was a natural. I love my Dell, snazzy red, and so fast, I don’t know what to do with myself!

  7. magic cochin

    Hey – welcome back! In your sleek shiny machine 🙂

    Hope all is well chez cottage smallholder and hope you’re feeling a lot better. Danny has kept us amused by tinkering with the blog environment and some good crack.

    When do the chicks move in?


  8. Welcome back!

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