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Flowers from the garden: July 2009

Photo: Flowers from the garden July 2009

Photo: Flowers from the garden July 2009

With all the palaver of sick laptops and not being well lately, I missed flowers from the garden for June. So I’ve jumped in early this July. Things are turning around quickly in the herbaceous borders now. The rain has tempted more flowers to open and shine but most of the June roses and lupins have taken their final bow. I oiled my secateurs before I stepped out this morning and dead headed for half an hour.

I picked this little posy of frothy cottage flowers when I had finished. As always, they lit up the kitchen in a way that bought flowers never do. They will not last as long as the commercial alternative but they with sweeten our days.

I haven’t bought flowers since January 2007 but I always find some flowers and leaves from the garden, even during the winter months. My mum and Danny sometimes buy me flowers and they are a joy but not a patch on a bunch of home grown ones. The new bunch is beside me – I can almost hear it breathing.

Photo: July 2009 flowers from above

Photo: July 2009 flowers from above

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Karen

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Hello Domestic Executive

    A cut flower border sounds like a good idea. We don’t have one although we do grow nasturtiums and marigolds to deter the aphids and caterpillars in the kitchen garden and I let a few self seeded poppies and foxgloves to languish there as well.

    We also grow sweet peas on the runner bean canes to encourage flower germination.

    Hi S.O.L.

    Lilies and freesias are my faves. Have never attempted to grow the latter but must have a go one day.

    Hello Barney

    Delighted that you are enjoying the site!

    Our youngest Min Pin, Inca, loves digging holes too. Luckily she sticks to the lawn rather than the borders.

    We grow quite a lot of stuff in pots and barrels too. Some veg do really well.

  2. barney

    I have just discovered your site looking for a damsom gin recipe. I am now hooked. Having a naughty jack russell with a passion for digging I have now given up growing anything that wont go in a pot so reading of your achievements is like living my dream without either the effort or disappointment. Thankyou.

  3. S.O.L.

    wow beautiful. Irises are my fav!

  4. Domestic Executive

    I love your posts about home grown flowers. It’s such an inspiration and reminder to me to include a cut flower bed in my future kitchen garden. That’s some bouquet. Better anything you could get from Tescos.

  5. Karen - An Artist's Garden

    Simply beautiful

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