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Best Newmarket Sausages – Musk’s & Powters’

Musk's Newmarket SausagesDriving home alone tonight I was mentally bemoaning the fact that we don’t have a local delicacy and then I remembered that we have the Newmarket Sausage.

When I was in my late teens my mum, sister and I used to come and stay in Newmarket for the racing. We would walk to watch the horses exercising on the early morning gallops and then rush back to the hotel for a large cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon and Newmarket Sausages. I had never tasted sausages as good but put a lot of the enjoyment down to the early morning exercise and fresh air.

Now I know that Newmarket Sausages are probably the best sausages in the universe. The two main excellent sausage makers in Newmarket are Powters’ and Musk’s. Both companies claim to make the original Newmarket Sausage. Musk’s has two royal warrants and Powters’ have several sought after awards and prizes. So the two companies balance each other out more or less on the rubber stamping front. Both companies were established in the same decade although there is a haziness over the actual year that each started trading. But, like my teenage years, the 1880’s are a very long time ago.

Musk’s and Powters’ sausages have been available in supermarkets for a few years now. Powters’ used to be slightly more commercial (supplying a larger range of shops) but since Musk’s merged with D. White Butchers and The Braughing Sausage Company things have changed. I have noticed Musk’s on the shelves of most of the local supermarkets. However, Powters’ have the better website, in my opinion. And as you can buy Newmarket Sausages online, a decent website must make a vast difference to sales.

Both companies produce a great sausage. The taste is diferent. Musk’s use bread in their sausages whilst Powters’ uses the more traditional rusk. The Musk’s chipolatas are particularly tasty. They use sheep gut for the skins. The natural casings from both sausages should not be pricked before cooking as they will not burst like cheaper varieties.

I have found that locals plump for the one that suits their taste. This is team loyalty that any major football club would envy.
At a supper party,
“I’m afraid it’s just Newmarket Sausages, tonight,” sends a frisson around the table.
“Musk’s, of course.”

Danny and I relax. It’s our team.

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  1. Stephen Plume

    Hi Diane

    I think that message was meant for me? I was on Radio Cambridgshire that morning (I think).

    I was in Woodhall Spa only the other day but I’ve only just saw your message on this site. My site for the trip, if you would like recommend anywhere for me to visit is

    Did you see the feature on ITV about the trip?


  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Diane

    I think that you have got the wrong blog. I appeared on Radio Cambridgshire last September but not yesterday.

    Hoever, I’ve kept your comment as it is a useful link for sausage lovers. Thanks for the tip.

  3. Diane Pettit

    Heard you on Radio Cambridgeshire this morning. Told my daughter, Rachel Pettit, she said please visit her employers, James and Lucy Barclay, Abbey Farm, Stixwold,Woodhall Spa, when you go to Lincolnshire on Thursday. They traditionally rear Gloucester Old Spot and make the most tremendous sausages, even my 14 year old teenage grandsons saw a difference !! The farm number is 01526 351739, Diane

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Stephen

    I’ll definitely check out your journey. Thanks/

  5. Stephen Plume

    Hi there

    Thank you for your message, you might also be interested in I am making a journey around some of the UK’s best sausage makers.


  6. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Sausage King,

    Thanks for dropping by and introducing us to your wonderful site! I had no idea that it existed.

    Musks are superb sausages!

  7. Sausage King

    Hi there

    I think Musk’s make some of the finest sausages I have ever tasted. They are part of the inspiration that lead to me settting up six or seven years ago!

    I’ve tried sausages from all over the World but I keep coming back to Musks.


  8. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Pat,

    Newmarket Sausages are tasty but not spicy. Once you’ve tried them you won’t really want to back to Wall’s.

    Hi Celia,

    I haven’t heard of Coles Christmas Puds. I Googled them just now and found that they are in Great Chesterford. Thanks for the tip.

    There must be loads of local speciality food around here if one knew where to look.

  9. We’re partial to Musks Sausages too. I’m trying to think of another delicacy from around here – Coles Christmas Puds are pretty special.

  10. Okay next shopping trip I will be on the look out for Newmarket sausages. I am still in search here for a good sausage. I miss the ones we had back home in the US. They are much more spicier than what I get here. I love trying out your recomendations. Thanks!!!

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