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Our online shop is now up!


Photo: Making the lavender birds

Photo: Making the lavender birds

Wey hey. Danny has mastered the techie side of our on line shop and it’s up! Just a few items but we will be adding more over the next day or so. Click on the tab under the header marked = Gifts = to enter and have a poke around.

I’m very excited about it. The start of a whole new Cottage Smallholder adventure.

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  1. My organza bags have made it to France! They are beautiful, Fiona and the scents are lovely. You should be proud of yourself.

    Thanks and Happy Christmas

  2. Received my order today and I am so delighted with all of it. The quality of the workmanship is brilliant and they smell wonderful. I just love the birds the best. Thank you Fiona

  3. Those look lovely, Fiona. I can’t wait for you to get the catnip ones up. I bought DawsonCat a catneep mouse from Culpepper and he reacted to it in a way he’s never reacted to shop bought ones.

  4. Kooky Girl

    I hope all goes well with the shop. It’s a great idea. KG

  5. OUR Ecovillage

    Beautiful, sweet gifts! If I didn’t have a whole lot of guilt about the carbon footprint of shipping things around the world… I’d place my order now.

    Many blessings on your new endeavor!

  6. Would it be possible to add an option to include a gift card? I’m just about to order some of your lovely birds as a birthday present for a friend in London, and I’d need the parcel to go to her direct rather than via the vagaries of the Croatian postal system. But then she won’t know who it’s from – and presumably there would be a receipt included. Any suggestions?

    • Fiona Nevile

      Yes email me at fionaATcottagesmallholderDOTcom and I’ll add a gift card and your message. I could send the receipt to you in Croatia.

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