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I don’t think that I’m going to give up the day job and become a computer repairer.

Despite having the dexterity achieved from making virtually every Blue Peter project for a good five years during my childhood, I have failed on one simple point.

The button that allows a laptop computer screen to be displayed on an external monitor is NOT the button with a symbol of a small square box with a solid square inside. It’s the button that shows an oblong with another oblong inside and a vertical line at either end of the interior oblong.

It should have attracted us as it resembles a tray with a plate, knife and fork.

“I reckon that button adjusts the width of the screen display.”
“Yes,” agreed Danny (IT professional). “This square one must be the button.”

If we had tried the supper tray button, I wouldn’t have spent three evenings getting intimate with the interior mechanics of my laptop or boning up on the possible reasons why the laptop was sick. I also would not have needed to exercise such phenomenal restraint. The urge to pulverise the slim, wide black screen has been overwhelming.

I’m typing this on my laptop attached to the external monitor, the supper tray button having neatly done the trick.

It’s not fixed but we now have a definite route to examine – it could be a sickly inverter board. Hopefully as fingers fly across the keyboard a replacement inverter is being dispatched.

Thank you Colin and Peter!

Mouse count: still just 6

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  1. kate (uk)

    I have seen the mouse under the sink, looking very sleek and lovely, washed clean by dishwasher cleaner.Two traps now await him/her.All very quiet, so it would seem he has no chums, mice are so very noisy en masse.I wish I could work out just how they get in every year, but short of taking out the sink and cupboard and lifting the floorboards, there is no chance of that! Andrew still very unaware of mouse action, but enjoying watching the two squirrels who have arrived to share the bird food.

  2. We are on rodent count – 2 (shrews). Hopefully NOT a mummy and a daddy!!

  3. What an awful time you have had! I, in my wisdom, followed the instructions to clean the air filter in my tumble dryer. The manual did not give instructions how to put it back! Lots of cursing and two hours later we discovered the method.

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