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The Secret


Photo: The Secret

Photo: The Secret

Danny is always looking for new business opportunities. He’s a real dynamo when it comes to this and has learnt a lot over the years. One of his recent gurus suggested watching the film  The Secret so he ordered it from Amazon and it sat unopened on his desk looking tantalising.

A couple of days ago I asked him what it was like.
“Not really my sort of thing,” he replied, “So I only watched a bit of it.”

Intrigued I put the DVD into my laptop and watched the film. It’s not visually a great movie but the message bowled me over. I always think of myself as a positive person and watching this film made me realise how negative I’ve become over the past few years. Accepting rather than directing.

Back in the 1980’s I enjoyed several Loving Relationship Training courses. Although I’m not certain of the value of rebirthing I did learn about the power of a treasure map – referred to as vision boards in The Secret. But it’s years since I’ve made one.

One of the presenters is Jack Canfield – who wrote the bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul. His experience really struck a chord with me – instead of worrying about the future he embraced the future. As Albert Einstein said.
“Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life’s coming attractions.”

I have started to practice the steps needed to retune my life and now feel so much more positive and happy. Instead of wondering how 2010 will turn out I now believe that it will be a good year for me if I can keep focussed and positive.

You can read about The Secret here.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Mandy

    Thanks for leaving such an interesting comment. ‘The Secret’ isn’t about wearing rose tinted spectacles it’s more about reprogramming and taking control.

    I know what you mean about the sugar coated message – it’s not our style in the UK so it can be a bit off putting.

    Hi Angie

    Yes it’s very easy to forget how lucky we are. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I found this thread very interesting as I always like to listen to peoples’ motivation and what makes them get up and go etc. I admire people who are determined to improve their lot or their outlook, rather than those who sit back with the “woe is me” attitude to life when all I can see is that they are blessed compared to 90% of the world!

    Loved the card Fiona, my children loved it too – thank you!

  3. Hi fiona I just got your card thanks, but I have to admit all that american love yourself up and positive thinking I find almost vomit inducing LOL
    I have terrible cynical view of expect the worst and you’ll never be disappointed, which is sort of a cushion against being let down and mentally battered even more than you have to be.
    I have to admit reading a fair few books..the chicken soup ones and feel the fear etc but to me they all seem a bit ‘disney sugar coated’.
    And although I totally go with the reasoning that you’re only a victim if you allow yourself to be one, trying to find the positive lesson in some of what happens to us in the strange angry greedy and voilent world is beyond me.
    I hope it works for you though, I suppose its a bit like religion if its works for the individual that can only be a good thing.
    I am going to carry on with my endless doom and gloom end of the world round the next corner approach and take delight when it doesn’t come, purely for the reason I think if I started dancing round like a female disney leading lady seeing everything through rose tinted specs the first big thing that came and burst the bubble would reduce me to a jibbering wreck smelling of old wee huddled in a darkened corner having a deep and meaningful conversation with a old argos catalogue. I envy all of you that can be so positive in the face of diversity well done!

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Domestic Executive

    This long stretch away from work has given me loads of time for reflection and I reckon has been a positive thing in the end.

    The Secret came at the perfect time for me.

    Hi Joanna

    I agree that sometimes planning can be too thorough and result in holding one back but I do think that creating a vision is important.

    Hello Veronica

    Thank you. I appreciate your support.

    Hi Mariam

    I hadn’t fully realised what was happening until I saw this movie and then the way forward was crystal clear.

    I do hope that 2010 is a great year for you too!

  5. Well done – it is so difficult for most of us to really believe we deserve to be happy and take our life in our hands ! Glad to know you are mapping your future at last instead of just waiting to get better. GO ! 2010 will be very kind to you and your plans. happy New Year to the both of you and thankyou for the blog.

  6. well, you have had a lot to cope with in 2009; I’m not sure I could have kept going as well as you have in the face of such adversity! So I truly hope 2010 will be a great year for you and Danny.

  7. Not sure about goal setting, not very good about that but I will certainly be carrying on with my studies and watching to see the unfolding of the plan ahead. Ian and I like to experiment and see where things lead and although we may plan a few things we won’t be planning a whole load as the one thing we have learnt here in Latvia is you can’t. One thing has to be accomplished completely before the next stage is even considered, otherwise frustration abounds. Anyway looking forward to another year of playing 🙂

  8. Domestic Executive

    Great to know that you’ve found some inspiration for making 2010 as good as you can. Working as a professional coach I see first hand how much people struggle with goal setting of finding their vision. It takes a leap of faith in yourself to plunge in and be honest with what you want. When that happens successfully the rest is easy by comparison. Good luck – keep looking forward!

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