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1500 posts and still running strong


Ewes waiting to give birth at Wimpole Home Farm

Ewes waiting to give birth at Wimpole Home Farm

This is my 1500th post!

A bit of a milestone for me. When Danny installed the WordPress software on my web site and said,
“Over to you…”
I had no idea that I’d eventually find myself here.

Looking back I don’t really know what I thought I was doing. Initially it was an exercise to build up my writing skills. Being a painter and decorator at the time was fascinating, people wise, but the work was not even in the shanty towns of brain expanding territory. That’s after I’d discovered how to negotiate a high ladder and tentatively wield a shaky paintbrush. Scary stuff.

I had no idea that all your comments would teach and encourage me so much. That I’d make good friends all over the world. And be eventually tending a garden packed with fruit and vegetables. I’m still just the one nut here. We’re investing in Kentish Cobs this autumn to keep me company.

On the nut front, I’ve been off work for almost two years now. Difficult to adjust to when I’d been so full of energy and vroom for years. This blog has helped keep me reasonably sane. It’s been a focus for me and your visits and comments have helped me gradually repair and build up strength.

Thank you to every reader from all my heart. I reckon that blogging has saved my life and set me on a much better path. I feel truly blessed.

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  1. Well done, and thank you Fiona. I discovered your blog when searching for recipes, can’t remember what for now but have tried and enjoyed several of both yours and Danny’s recipes since.

    (oh, and I love the forum too)

  2. Love your blog Fiona. I found it originally when I was looking for ways to sterilise jars I think!

    I am somewhat gobsmacked to realise it’s been two years since you stopped ‘working’… means I’ve been reading for much longer than I thought! I do hope that you continue to have the time (and energy) to keep it going, it is most enjoyable.

  3. Michelle from Oregon

    Hurray Fiona!

  4. skybluepinkish

    Congratulations. You have a fabulous blog full of laughter, tips, recipes, ideas …. how you have the time to do it all I don’t know but I take my hat off to you.

  5. Paul @ GrowingOurOwn

    Congrats on the milestone! I’ve been reading for a year or so now and it’s always been a pleasure. You’ve inspired me to trying many things, from various homemade drinks to (all being well) trying to smoke my own bacon in the near future and buying various books. I feel like I should really be the one thanking you for writing rather than being thanked for reading… Well done! 😀

  6. I’ve been following your blog for over a year when we started tackling our veg patch. I LOVE reading about your life and it really inspires me to try harder on our little patch. Thank you x

  7. Magic Cochin

    Wow Fiona! Think of all those word and sentences!!!

    I’m so pleased that you get as much from your blog as we do reading it.

    Just checked and I’m on post number 490… I’ll have to celebrate when I get to 500 😉

  8. Veronica

    Congratulations Fiona! I can’t remember when I first started reading, but it must be at least 5 years ago. It quickly became a required daily visit; I was immediately drawn in by the quality of your writing.

    And I never figured out how you managed to pack so much into your day and still find the time to write such thoughtful posts. Nowadays it’s heart-warming to see how you are gradually rebuilding your strength and energy and finding a new path through life.

    Here’s to the next 1500 posts!

  9. Kooky Girl

    Aw.. I’m glad you started your blog. Yours was the first one I started reading and I remember I stumbled across it one day when looking for a recipe for yorkshire pudding. I’m glad I was making yorkshire pudding that day, or I may never have found you. I’m still reading. Keep up the good work ! All the best, KG. :o)

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