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Blogs worth visiting: Moonroot

pork pie indulgenceI was back from work late and by the time I had made a tasty cauliflower blue cheese and bacon melange, Danny had given up and repaired to bed. Deeply asleep, shoes on. So the laptop was my companion at suppertime.

I already had a post written for the blog tonight. But when I reviewed the last few, I saw that they were all about food. So I opened up Google Reader for inspiration, a nifty piece of software that lets me see who has recently posted on their blog in seconds.

I spotted that Moonroot had written a post. This blog is intriguing. Written by a white witch in Wales. I visit occasionally and it’s always a good read. Moonroot has a light touch and an interesting perspective. This evening the post took its title from The Sound of Music and had a beautiful illustration – I suspect from a very old edition of The Arabian Nights. I just had to dip in.

Moonroot had written about the importance of indulgence and treats. At this time of year when everyone just seems to be focussing on cutting back, this wise post had enormous appeal.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Dragon

    Moonroot’s blog is well wriiten and always interesting. Pleased that you liked the link.

  2. The Dragon

    Thanks for this one! Another Blog to add to my reading list (one of my relaxation things is to read what others are doing!)

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Mildred

    Luxuries are so important. They needn’t be foie grasse. Just sharing with someone else can have an impact – I often forget that.

    Hello Moonroot

    I always enjoy your blog. Thanks so much!

    Hello Amanda

    Treats are special. It’s so easy to get caught up in things and forget the treats. And they needn’t be diamonds. A good hug and 2/3 rds of a Mars Bar and I’m happy 😉

  4. Lovely link, so right too, treats are for special times, not every day.

  5. moonroot

    Oh my gosh, I’m blushing… thank you!

  6. Thanks for those links Fi . . . we love our luxuries!

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