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Cottage Smallholder has a ‘new’ sewing machine and is now on twitter


Photo: twitter bird logo

Photo: twitter bird logo

Pottering outside the village shop yesterday, I noticed a list of things for sale – wriiten with a spidery hand. My eye ran down the page to the line
“Singer Melodie 50 sewing machine and 50 bobbins – £10”
And below it
“Large amount of materials, skirt lengths etc. £5.00”

I rushed home, rang the telephone number and within 10 minutes was parking in front of a snug bungalow in the village. I’ve been hankering for my own sewing machine for years but could never justify the cost. Now I’m doing more crafts the hankering had stepped up several gears and become a longing.

This might be an old model but it’s a really good machine – in full working order – it even does embroidery. I found a free download of the instruction manual on the Internet – at Incidentally when searching online for Singer manuals, you use the numbers on the machine rather than the model name and number. It took me a couple of hours to work that one out. Duuh…

I bought the massive box of materials too. Filled with an amazing range of stuff from gingham to gauze. I’m going to have such fun with these!

I’ve finally taken the plunge and Cottage Smallholder is now on twitter. I spent the morning in bed playing about with my twitter homepage surrounded by snoring Min Pins – who didn’t seem to be overly impressed by my first tentative steps into the social media world. I think that they’d rather I just gossiped in the village shop.

I’m really excited about these two new adventures. Watch this space.

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  1. I take it now you will be growing tonnes of lavendar to make little heart shaped gigham bags hanging on rustic looking pieces of string, for rich people who would like to think they are a little bit countri-fied to hang on their wardrobe doorknobs, and selling them for about a fiver each on e bay under the guise of being ‘shabby chic’ 😉

  2. My great aunt the seamstress had given me an older model Singer when she couldn’t see well enough to sew anymore. They just don’t make newer machines like they made the old ones. I traded the older one in eventually since the repair shop couldn’t get parts anymore but I really would prefer an older model. You will have lots of fun with this.

  3. dozenoaks

    Pre-made fabric stash is best! The mischief to be had is almost limitless…

  4. What a bargain Fiona! You’ll have great fun with a sewing machine and all that fabric too! My sewing machine is about to be installed on the dining room table ready for the Christmas present making to start. But first a drive over to Gateshead this morning to Ikea and Costco.

  5. Fiona, you’re going to have so much fun with your new sewing machine, and all that material, can’t wait to read about all the stuff you’re going to make.

  6. I’m going to have to take the plunge and replace my sewing machine at some point; it’s about 70 years old and isn’t quite as efficient as it could be, so I don’t use it very much .. but would I use a new one enough to justify the expense? And what would I do with ‘Old Faithful’?

  7. Suz in LA

    Woohoo! Am so glad you now have a sewing machine and for such a good “investment”. I hope you can spend many happy hours sewing away and that you’ll share your project swith us.


  8. Magic Cochin

    The sewing machine sounds great Fiona, what a find!

    I see some people have found you on twitter 😉


  9. Ooh fabric!!! Love it. Happy sewing Fiona

  10. Kooky Girl

    Oh lucky you !! What fun ! Two of my favourite things. I too would like to get a sewing machine, but I’ll be honest.. I’m scared of them because I have no idea what to do with one…
    Whereas the twitter account I may get on to that at some point.. you’ll need to get on Faccbook next !

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