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Emma Bridgewater


We have a small range of our own mugs in the cottage. Sadly Danny dropped his favourite a few weeks ago and has moved his second favourite into the odds on position. I have mugs of different sizes for distinct times of day. A capacious Cath Kidston strawberry crush mug mug for early morning tea (Twinning’s Assam with one teaspoon of sugar and a little milk) and a few mugs given to me by special friends and my mum. A particular favourite is a porcelain Bee mug that mum bought from the National Trust shop. But we don’t have any Emma Bridgewater pottery as I’ve always thought it was a bit pricey.

Most of my wealthier clients have Emma Bridgewater pottery in their houses. A lot of them favour the mugs with birds. Some just have them on display – they’re extremely decorative. My favourite by far is the range of robin mugs, I never tire of them even if I am drinking tea from them for months.  Some of my more discerning clients offer afternoon tea with biscuits. One of my favourite clients always gives me her robin mug.

I discovered the reason for the cost of Emma Bridgewater pottery this at the weekend. I was browsing on YouTube and found this fascinating video about her factory in Stoke on Trent. I didn’t realise is that she uses traditional methods in her factory. Everyone on the video looks happy and took pride in their work which is something to be admired in any business. I was delighted to discover that she is employing 180 skilled craftsmen in the UK. Which is something to be applauded.

Each item goes through a big range of processes before being decorated by hand so every piece is just that tiny bit different. Browsing on the Emma Bridgewater website the pottery didn’t seem as expensive as they have done before. She also has an outlet shop – where she sells seconds  with rave reviews from her customers. So when I next have a windfall I’m going to visit her outlet shop and invest in my very own robin mug.

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  1. Deirdre Nicholls

    Hi, I have a sweet pea dinner service and always looking for other pieces. Would be interested in any you have left.

  2. Claudia

    Hello. Happy New Year! I’m not sure if you still have your Sweet Pea dinner service – but I’d be interested in building my collection if you let me know what you have. Thank you

  3. Charlotte

    Hi I know this is late on in the blog, but I too have a collection of sweet pea Emma bridgewater china that I am looking to sell, if anyone is interested, I used to have a complete set of 12 of everything but a few have fallen by the the wayside!!

  4. I am trying to buy a Sweet Pea bowl. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

  5. Sasha / Lainey,

    The collection is still for sale, I am planning on getting out of the loft this weekend to list all the items that we have.
    If you would like to discuss further contact me at or on 07785 720055


  6. Sasha Warren

    Hi Andrew,

    I would love to know if you still have the sweet pea collection for sale as I would love to be able to purchase it from you, I really love this pattern and have some pieces now in need of replacing!

    Kind Regards,

  7. Hi Andrew,

    If you have the sweet pea half pint jug, I would really like to buy it. I’m sure you will be able to sell it all on ebay!

  8. Hi, we have an Emma Bridgewater Sweet Pea dinner service for sale. Extensive range of pieces, all 1st’s and all are original items.

    We are looking to sell the set and have been trying to find some kind of china forum or collectors club, with out much luck.

    Does anyone know where would be a good place to sell this as one lot?

    Thanks for any suggestions

  9. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Lucy

    The seconds store is the route for me too! And it’s open all year round too.

    Thanks for the tip about ringing the staff – great stuff.

    Happy tea drinking. Glad that you liked the cake!

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