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Fat and lean gravy boat (the Jack Sprat)

fat and lean gravy boatI couldn’t do without our fat and lean gravy boat. It’s cleverly designed so that the lean gravy is drawn from the base of the boat. The fat can easily be poured off from the fat spout. A few weeks ago I was struggling to skim the fat from a stew. There was no time to chill the dish in the fridge overnight and remove the fat easily. In desperation I thought I’d try using this gravy boat. The experiment worked. The gravy boat was immediately promoted from ceremonial mascot – merely gracing the Sunday lunch table, to Chef’s ADC with total responsibility of removing fat from sauces, casseroles and stews.

I am now looking for a larger one, not just to keep the half pint one company but a beefier one would be very handy. It only takes a few minutes for the fat to float to the surface. Excellent.

Amazon sells a fat and lean sauceboat. A great investment even if you only use it for gravy and a good present for anyone that’s keen on cooking. Lakeland have a more basic but practical one here.

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  1. James Leahy

    I’ve just broken ours, which we’ve had for decades. How and where do I go about buying a replacement?

    • Mary Faulkner

      This is months ago so I don’t know if you found one, but I found one here. look for “gravy fat separator”. I found a couple of more expensive ones but this is good.

  2. The 500 ml [nominal pint] jug you seek is here, and cheap to buy with cheap ostage too.
    perhaps an early Christmas present? 🙂

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Kate,

    This invention is superb! Loads of people in the UK haven’t heard about this invention and marvel when we produce it. I think that they originated in France. Ours is French anyway.

  4. I’ve never seen this before … what a great idea (as I now will be off to find one for myself!)

  5. Fiona Nevile

    This is good news Nick. The porcelain ones are pretty but quite pricey. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Not larger, but I’ve been using a gravy strainer for years to do exactly this, they’re available from Lakeland (!5034) at 6.99 each. I was getting desperate trying to find one to replace the one my wife and I had been using for years! My Sister appreciated one for Christmas too.

  7. Fiona Nevile

    I’m sorry, Emily, I haven’t found a larger one yet. I’ll email you if I do. Perhaps a catering supplier might have one. This is now a challenge!

  8. My father has one of these and it’s fantastic! I was wondering if you’d found a larger one yet as he needs one and I thought I’d get one for his birthday but there don’t seem to be any around.

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