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Simpkin the cat attends the tailor of gloucester_Beatrix Potter

Simpkin the cat attends the tailor of gloucester_Beatrix Potter

The last time that I got flu was several years ago when I’d actually paid for a flu jab! In that instance I had flu twice – each session lasting a week with one happy ‘well day’ in between. Since then I haven’t bothered with the jab.

I’ve been laid up with flu this weekend. It was so bad that I began to get a bit panicky on Saturday night, sharp stabbing pains that didn’t let up. Everything hurt from inside my ears to between my toes. Rocketing temperature and deep chills. I was taking Beechams Powders and used up the recommended allocation for the day. Perhaps ordinary paracetamol would have been better?

The Min Pins began to get a bit fed up too. As I tossed and turned they had what we call “a bad night a sea.” I could feel the tiny bodies scrabbling to find a quiet place to settle in the bed.

By Sunday things had improved and I’m much better today. Still in bed though, feeling pretty mouldy and fighting the MPs to get my feet on the hottie.

Whenever I’m ill in bed I think about that wonderful tale by Beatrix Potter The Tailor of Gloucester. Here at the cottage Danny carries out the Simpkin role and he doesn’t hide my *twist!





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  1. Fiona – Hope you’re feeling a little better today – Danny hot toddies are required!!! 🙂

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