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Going to the sales


Photo: Dr Quito posing with the new bed jacket

Photo: Dr Quito posing with the new bed jacket

I went to the sales this afternoon. To buy night clothes. These have become day clothes for me over the past six months. I needed pyjamas and a bed jacket – or as they are now known, a cardigown.

I’d been haunting TK Maxx waiting for the prices to drop beneath the red sale sticker stage and today found a gorgeous Janet Reger teddy bear coloured bed jacket and a pair of Lady Selina pyjamas for just £7.00 each. Happiness.

“Wow.” Said the lady at the cash desk. “These are great buys. If you are patient you can get some real bargains here.”
“Well this is the only shop that we use for clothes these days.”
“Same here. My husband got an overcoat here for a fiver last week.”

TK Maxx doesn’t sell cheap and nasty lines. Rather discounted lines. A lot are last years lines but who cares if you are looking for classic styles. Usually we buy clothes for each other for Christmas but this year I preferred to be given garden props. Once the snow goes they will really come into their own, meanwhile they are out on display in the sitting room.

I’ve been wearing my best cardigan as a bed jacket for months. Alternating with a sweat shirt when it’s released for a wash. But these are both quite uncomfortable if I fall asleep wearing them. Whereas the ultra soft Janet Reger has no hard buttons or seams it’s just soft and cuddly. It also has a hood for those chilly afternoons waiting for the heating to come on.

Danny was on a conference call when I returned from the shops and was goggle eyed when I swept into The Rat Room modelling the cardigown. He put his hand over the mouthpiece and whispered.
“You can’t wear that to Sylvia’s!” He whispered.

Sylvia is our neighbour across the road. Clothes are formal at her dinner parties and do’s.
“Not unless she’s throwing a sleepover party. It’s a bed jacket.”
Danny looked very relieved.
“The best part about it is the tail.” He smirked. It has a ribbon sash tie that had been pinned to the inside of the jacket. “Actually it’s gorgeous. Can’t believe it only cost seven quid.”

I’m delighted with my new buys. They’ve given me a real fillip. I put the bed jacket on the end of my bed and later discovered that Dr Quito had procured the new mode as a blanket. Min Pins always keep an eye out for a bit of luxury. At least it’s too big for him to wear it at night.

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  1. I love the way Dr Quito has approved your new purchase – does it say on the label ” please approve by dogs before using”?
    I bought a slanket to cuddle up on the settee but it quickly became a cosy bed for labradors. I have to fight for it and even when I have it, I have to share it – lovely

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