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Haddock baked with lemon and Greek basil served with pickled nasturtium seed butter recipe


Photo: Fresh haddock with lemon and basil

Photo: Fresh haddock with lemon and basil

“Do you remember we used to use Jamie Oliver’s method of cooking fish in aluminium parcels? Let’s do that for supper tonight.”
We used to use this method a lot a few years ago. It’s simple and quick and the foil seals in the flavours.

Danny had found some CFC haddock marked down to a third of the original price so he snapped it up. All afternoon I played mentally with combinations of flavours and eventually ran them past Danny as he lay on the swing seat enjoying the sun.
“Haddock with black butter and pickled nasturtium seeds.”
He shook his head.
“I don’t like the idea of the nasturtium seeds being baked with the fish. They might taint it.”
“How about haddock with butter and dill.”
He perked up a bit.
“Or haddock with Greek basil and lemon.”
“Yes please.” Danny is a big fan of Greek basil.
“With pickled nasturtium butter on the side.”
“O.K. then.”

I was determined to use some of our pickled nasturtium seeds from last Autumn. The butter turned out to be extremely tasty and a perfect accompaniment to the fish. It would also be good with pork chops.

I’m not very happy about using aluminium foil. In my twenties I used to visit San Lorenzo (in London) for a treat. There I always ordered sea food spaghetti that arrived in a bag and was out of this world. So I’m going to experiment with using greaseproof paper instead.

If you don’t have pickled nasturtium seeds to hand you could substitute capers.

Haddock baked with lemon and Greek basil served with pickled nasturtium seed butter


For the fish parcel
400g of fresh haddock (two large fillets)
The zest of half a small lemon and then the same half sliced fine
A large pinch of garlic granules
Good dash of freshly milled black pepper
A large pinch of sea salt
3 grams of Greek basil leaves – torn
A 10g knob of butter cut into little pieces

For the nasturtium seed butter
Half an eggcup of room temperature butter
1 heaped tsp of pickled nasturtium seeds


Start with the nasturtium seed butter. Rinse the nasturtium seeds in cold water and crush them (I used a rolling pin). Press the crushed seeds into the butter and distribute evenly. Put the eggcup into coldest part of the fridge to chill.
Meanwhile cut a piece of aluminium foil to create a generous sealed parcel for the fish. Lay the fish on the foil and distribute the rest of the ingredients evenly over the fillets. Seal the parcel tightly and bake for 15-20 minutes at 220c in a pre heated oven. I cooked this in Andrew our halogen oven, bless him.

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  1. TRaveler

    Love this recipe, it sounds so yummy and gave me the right idea for tonight, I’m off to buy some fish guys.

  2. Catalina

    Mmmmm that sounds amazing! I’m so hungry now! Just wanted to mention that I use garlic granules in my cooking too – I’d never heard anyone mention using them before.

  3. Pamela

    This does sound good. I use greaseproof paper and it works fine. Last time I was in France my sister and I went into a lovely cookware shop and they had silicon pouches for steaming in which would get round the problem of the fish potentially breaking up when you move it. They folded round the food and fastened. I really wanted one … or two. They came in different sizes. Of course being a very posh shop they were not exactly giving them away so we left empty handed. These days I most often cook my fish in my Remoska and it is always perfect.

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