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I make a brief appearance on ITV’s Love Your Garden tonight

Inca beside the backdoor

Inca beside the backdoor

Do you remember that Danny and I were beavering away in April and May tarting up the cottage and garden? It had needed sorting out for quite some time. I am naturally untidy, prone to leaving things lying around. Danny is King of Weeding the Gravel and I’m Queen of everything else in the garden so I couldn’t blame him for the mess.

This major shake up was prompted by the imminent arrival of Valentine Warner and a TV crew. They would film a snippet in my garden for the food slot in tonight’s Love Your Garden on ITV. We had about three weeks to prepare and set a lot of other projects on hold.

Our Solar Tunnel really came into its own as it was full of plants started from seed earlier in the year. But there was still masses of work to do from reseeding parts of the lawn, weeding and hacking to painting the big front gate.

Our slot on tonight’s programme is just a few minutes. We really enjoyed the filming day – it was fun and relaxed.

The other bonus is that our front garden no longer looks like the set of Steptoe and Son.

So if you’d like a peek at our garden, tune in tonight to ITV1 at 8 o’clock!

Link to the show for UK readers. The segment is 16 minutes in and you have to sit through a few ads first.

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  1. Excellent. Well done you guys. I don’t think that was a small segment at all, your positively famous now!

  2. it was lovely to see your garden, and the “gin” remark was priceless! Well done.

  3. Terrier

    Recorded the whole programme, and just watched it, even though not keep on Mr T, lovely looking garden, looking forward to seeing it for real in July.

  4. Hi Fiona,

    Well I think you should have your own series and not mess about with the bit part stuff. With so many people now venturing into growing their own food, there is definitely a need for a show that gives good practical advice. I think you’re the female answer to Geoff Hamilton and I’m sure you could inspire just like he did. With the addition of your own culinary skills thrown in to demonstrate what can be created with the produce. So come on TV scouts give Fiona and her garden a proper go at it.

    Sue from Ricky

  5. Toffeeapple

    Ah well, at least I won’t have to watch the programme ever again. Sigh. Nice to see you Fiona, however briefly.

  6. Danny Carey

    Scene with VW and F furtling around in a gooseberry bush.
    Cut to long shot of them discussing gooseberries.

    VW: Well, Fiona, what will it be? Gooseberry fool or gooseberry crumble?


    F: Gooseberry Gin!

    VW: (glances at watch) But it’s only 11:00

    F: Why not?

    Fiona made gooseberry gin last year or the year before and it was superb. One of our favourite fruit liqueurs, up there along with raspberry vodka and sloe gin.

  7. jjt363

    As per my previous post I missed the programme and I’m curious to know what the ‘GIN’ comment was that everyone refers to. Please can someone tell me!!

  8. Sooliz

    You have a wonderful garden, Fiona….just a shame we didn’t get to see more of it.

    I like the idea of the programme and love to see what others manage to do in their gardens. Thought the prog was all a bit brief and ‘flitty’ though.

  9. devongarden

    I enjoyed seeing you and your garden, but turned the TV to Monty Don as soon as you were finished. Your bit was far too short!
    I was going to ask if the salad was in fact good or just good for the TV. I grow lovage, but not gooseberries so I may try aan amended version of this.
    Loved the Gin comment!

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