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Kreativ Blogger Award

Moonroot has given me the Kreativ Blogger award. She writes a great blog, that always guarantees good and interesting read. Thank you, Moonroot.

The rules are simple. Nominate six blogs that you believe deserve this award and also list six things that you like.

Blogging awards are a good idea.

Writing a blog can be lonely, as I discovered over the past two years or so. Sometimes I find real gems that are unheralded amongst the more established blogs.

So tonight I’d like to share some blogs that I really enjoy but that you might not yet have had the luck to discover.

These six get my enthusiastic nomination for the Kreativ Blogger award they are in no particular order:

Many months ago, Ancel from Pacha Mona visited my blog and since then I have dropped by every now and then to submerge myself in a life on the other side of the Atlantic.

Witty, urbane and well worth a visit, Around Britain with a Paunch is fun and educationalish.

The Sunday Roaster. Good tips and great style.

Sylvie at A pot of a Tea and a Biscuit writes a great foodie site and has just celebrated her blogs first birthday.

Sam over at Glanbrydan’s Weblog is full of energy, working whilst setting up another business – selling home cooked food at a farmers market at the weekends.

The Garden Diaries of Amalee Issa is a well established blog written by a fellow Virgo. Superb gardening posts with some great quirky posts about the world beyond Amalee Issa’s gardens.

Six things that I like a lot:

  1. Turning off the alarm clock and cuddling the Min Pins and Danny.
  2. Banking large cheques
  3. A day pottering in my garden, whatever the weather
  4. Guzzling my own home cured bacon
  5. Foraging for food
  6. Escaping into a good book

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  1. Sorry – must have been half asleep I also meant to say congratulations & well deserved!

  2. Hi Fiona. I read your blog nearly every day too and if I can’t I always feel frustrated but catch up later. I didn’t realise it was a lonely thing to write a blog, you always seem to have so many friends & if your other readers are like me we feel we know you through your blog. Keep up the good work it’s much appreciated – what would we do without our daily fix!

  3. Congratulations, Fiona. I also read your site every day: keeps me inspired and keeps me down to earth too. Very best wishes, Sally

  4. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Sam

    Your blog is great! I really admire what you are doing. Thermals are a great investment if you are standing out in the cold.

    Hi Linda

    Thank you!

    You could make a run for hens on a raised bed principle.

    Our hens are in a run as or Min Pins would wolf the lot given the chance. They are on gravel tat is topped up every now and then. This allows good drainage and also great stuff for scratching.

    The fleas were mites. Easy controlled with mite powder.

    Re slipping we have lengths of lawn protector (bought from the nursery garden, reusable and rolled up during the summer months). A real boon ATM when the lawn is waterlogged.

    Hello Moggymerlin

    What a tragedy that you can no longer garden.

    My mum is in the same place. She can instruct but that’s it. Her garden is still an inspiration but dependant on the force of her plans and thoe that help her

    Hello Veronica

    Thanks for dropping by. Your blog is always great. Lods of ideas and inspiration.

    Hello Magic Cochin

    In a week’s time I’ll be pottering in my garden too. Hopefully.

    Hi Richard

    Your blog is good.

    Try making bacon. It will transform your breakfast!

    Hello Sylvie

    Well deserved. Your posts light up the dullest days.

    Hi Wendy

    I have dilly dallied about music on he blog. Sometimes I love music on a blog and sometimes I hate it so eventually decided not to add music to our blog.

    I really want to reply to every message but sometimes I just don’t have the time.

    Hi Annette

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment. Much appreciated. Great to hear that I am being read!

    Hi Jonathon

    I enjoy your blog and veraciously indulge in your travels! Keep on blogging.

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