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Min Pin phantom pregnancy

Photo: Inca in the snow

Photo: Inca in the snow

The Contessa, our senior Min Pin bitch, was prone to phantom pregnancies. As she didn’t fancy Dr Q it was pretty clear what was going on. Although we always hoped that she had finally snuggled up and might be carrying a litter of pups.

In the end we went down the AI route with the mismatched couple, which was a surprisingly down to earth experience. The key result was that Dr Q fell instantly in love with the female vet and any visit to any veterinary establishment since then is an expectant joy for Q. He actually pulls on the lead to go in when he sniffs that particular Veterinary Establishment scent. Poor Contessa finally had to be spayed to end the torment of phantom pregnancies.

Life has been hard and stressful recently but we had the bright possibility of pups to focus on. As early in December, Inca, our youngest Min Pin, showed all signs of being pregnant.

Quito and Inca have a healthy joie de vivre when Inca comes into season. They have always got on well. Quito played with her for hours when she was a pup and protected her from The Contessa’s jealous snarls.  Quito’s crippled back legs severely hinder the possibility of pups. But under the kitchen table the two enjoyed themselves enormously for a good two weeks. The Contessa was thin lipped on the sofa in the room next door.

Perhaps this time something had actually happened?

We were so excited. Inca is just they right age for looking after pups. At three years old she still has a puppyish charm but is mature enough to raise her own family. We planned to keep a pup so that she’d have a dog nearer her own age for company. Danny was keen to keep the lot.
“How will we be able to choose?”

 A dog experiencing a phantom pregnancy exhibits exactly the same signs as a pregnant dog. Swelling of the mammary glands and teats, a quiet clinginess, picky eating particularly in the morning and her body changes. The scan can’t be done immediately because you need a few weeks for the foetuses to develop. So we enjoyed the prospect, preparing tempting doggie meals and planning for a pup filled future.

I didn’t even consider the phantom pregnancy possibility when I telephoned the vet to book the scan. Just felt so pleased that Dr Q’s gentle genes were going to be passed on to another generation.

Mary Rose, the pretty young vet asked all the pertinent questions as she examined Inca.
“I’m so sorry but I can’t feel anything. I’d like to do a scan but it’ll have to be later today.”

We were on tenterhooks. When the call came I knew from the quick intake of breath before Mary Rose spoke that there were no pups.

We are determined to find Inca a new handsome husband that she likes before May when she will come into heat again.

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  1. All the while I worked I only had cats, and now I’m home all day I daren’t risk upsetting 16yr old Rupert (the cat!!) by having a dog, but I love reading about yours.
    One small request – never having seen a MinPin to my knowledge, could you at some stage post some photos which given an idea of their size, by including an object I could relate to or something? I’m not really able to visualise without knowing how Min they are! They do sound wonderful though.

  2. Loved the bit about ‘under the kitchen table’!
    So sorry that there was no good news for you especially as you have mentioned Dr.Quito’s lovely nature before. x

  3. Such a shame! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for next time.

  4. Ohhhh Fiona I just saw the lovely Happy New Year Ecard you sent me. sorry it has taken me so long to read it. I forget that I made an email address to blog with! Duh!

    Thanks again it is lovely

  5. kate (uk)

    I took in a stray cat who had a phantom pregnancy- quite extraordinary, not least as after the ‘pregnancy’ seemed to have ended in miscarriage- even the vet thought she was really pregnant- I took her in to be spayed and the vet discovered, upon shaving her fur in readiness, that she had already the scar from a spaying..mind you, she was a really,really mad cat, which probably explained her homeless state…but it was a real disappointment as the thought of kittens was just so delightful, even from a mother as bonkers as she was!

  6. Poor Inca – I hope you find a mate for her soon. Our family dog used to have phantom pregnancies. She used to fetch all her toys from around the house and treat them like pups and take them to her bed and keep rearranging them.

  7. Oh what a shame! It must be so hard to hope and believe and then there is nothing. I wonder how Inca is feeling?

  8. melanie

    Our Foxy had a phantom pregnancy once, she was mothering her toys, and the cat. The cat was suckling from her, and when we took her to the vet, we found out she was producing milk! Very strange indeed.

  9. Lindsay

    Sorry to hear that pups will not be joyfully playing around your house for now. Better luck next time.

  10. Phantom pregnancies? Holy Moly, I am glad I am human, (for today any ways). Maybe if we are reincarnated I should come back as a cat. Do cats have phantom pregnancies? If so, I will be a tortoise, you get to hibernate then!

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