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Mini update on me


Photo: Sunflower

I’ve been off work for nearly three weeks now.  I’ve never slept so much in my life, sixteen hours a day brings me amazing dreams and great joy to three duvet loving Min Pins.

The tests came back negative for glandular fever and leukemia, which is a relief. The doc thinks that it’s another virus but arranged for new blood tests and x-rays which will be back next week.

Meanwhile I’m confined to the cottage and garden. Each day I feel a little stronger and have been tackling odd jobs in the garden that have been ignored for years. But most of my days are spent beneath a duvet in our vast spare room bed. This is an ancient Heals bed that has been in my family for over a hundred years. Complete with horsehair mattress and a fairy princess headboard, it is the perfect restful retreat.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Michelle

    Dr Q and Inca both snore. But as they are miniature dogs the snoring is fient.

    But when they start yapping they are banned downstairs in an instant.

    Hi Pamela

    Thanks for your suggestions. I have a shopping list for D when he comes back from Wales!

    Hi Linda

    Thank you so much for your suggestions. I’m determined to find the astragulus herb. Meanwhile I’ve discovered nettle tea in the cupboard!

    Hi Wendy

    Our sunflower was planted by the birds! I’ve planted them before but woodpigeon have guzzled. This year I decided to leave this one. It has a great head and three more waiting in the wings. Birds that grow their own food have to be encouraged

    Hello Heidi

    Yes you are right. We are taking that stance. But it’s hard. My mind says spring out of bed. My body aches to return after half an hour.

    I’ve always been so fit. It’s a learning curve.

    Hi Kate (uk)

    Laughter is the best medicine and I roared with laughter when I read your comment about asparagus peas.

    Hello Z

    Thanks for your advice, much appreciated.

    Hi Toffeeapple

    New Era Combination B Tissue Salts are on my list. Thank you.

    Hi S.O.L.,

    Thank you for dropping by.

    Hello Danny

    Little girl voice – what’s that?

    Hi Z

    I’m lucky D is a rock ATM.

    Hello Jan

    Thanks for the advice. As I feel so peeky it’s easy to stay in bed but I like to pay my way and be independent. Perhaps one day D will need me to carry the can.

    Hi Carpii

    Thanks for dropping by. Much appreciated.

    Hi GTM

    Your twins are gorgeous but I can see that if you are feeling very below par they would be a strain. Enjoying your blog BTW.

    Hello Veronica

    I’d love a cat too but D has yet to be conditioned ?

    Hi KarenO

    One day I’d love to visit your haven 😉

    Hi Lib572

    Delighted that you are enjoying the blog! Thanks so much for your good wishes.

  2. Fiona – so sorry to hear that you are still unwell – just wishing you all the best and to danny too
    but thanks for the pleasure from your blog
    its part of my daily routine checking in after a tiring day

  3. Sorry that should read your haven – although you’d be welcome to come and enjoy ours if you wanted!

  4. Yes sorry you’re still feeling so tired but 16 hours a day sounds like your body telling you “sleep please”, We can only go on so long before we have to give in so glad you’re enjoying our haven and not fighting to get back to normal.

  5. Veronica

    Thanks for the update Fiona! Sorry you are still lying low, but the conditions sound ideal (except I would want a cat snuggled up in the Heal’s bed somewhere!). Your body is obviously telling you to slow down, so please take it easy and don’t get up till you’re ready.

  6. Hullo from me,sorry to hear you are still not right,I have health worries of my own & I know how hard it is for a normally busy person to have to slow down a bit(hugs)Your sanctury sounds blissfull,my times of trying to put my feet up are on the sofa with the x2s leapng all over me lol!I just end up going to bed very early instead :o)
    Hope you are soon back to normal,take care
    GTM x x x x

  7. magic cochin

    Sounds like you’re being well cared for Fiona! I think that sometimes our bodies have to shout STOP! so they get the rest they need.

    Hope you feel a tiny bit better each day.

    All the creatures at the “Cochinery” are sending healing thoughts to you.


  8. Sorry to hear you’re not well 🙁
    Hope you get better soon!

  9. I had glandular fever (yes, it’s mononucleosis over The Pond) many years ago and the exhaustion afterwards was indescribable. Although you don’t have glandular fever, any major assault on the immune system will have a similar effect, and the only thing to do is go with the flow, and rest, rest, rest. Fighting it will only prolong it, so give in gracefully and allow other people to take over temporarily.

    Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Aw Danny, you are lovely and Fiona is lucky too.

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