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Simple nasturtium seed tartar sauce recipe. Seasonal food.


Photo: Scampi with homemade tartar sauce

Photo: Scampi with homemade tartar sauce

I had a hankering for scampi yesterday and mid meal decided to run up a quick tartar sauce. We made quite a few small jars of pickled nasturtium seeds last Autumn. Fiddly to gather but well worth the effort as they pickle well and they taste like hot capers but with more of a satisfying crunch. Towards the end of the season the nasturtium seeds get much larger and hotter!

Danny doesn’t like capers but he loves nasturtium seeds – pickled and raw.

As speed was of the essence I just doled out a tablespoon of mayonnaise and added the pickled nasturtium seeds crushing then with the back of a teaspoon. The more that I added the better it was. Next time I’ll run up a more complex version before the meal but if you want a quick impromptu tartar sauce this is excellent. It would be great with hardboiled eggs or cold chicken too.

Raw nasturtium seeds are great in salads. Crunchy nuggets of spicy greenness. We are in the middle of the nasturtium seed harvest so don’t ignore this delight.

Thinking about it, I could have gone down the garden to harvest some raw seeds for the sauce but then the scampi would have gone cold.

Next time I’ll try that before the meal. So it will be scampi twice in a week – delicious, pricey but in an excellent cause. I might even try making my own scampi too…

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  1. Michelle in NZ

    Thank you for the reminder – I have a jar of pickled nasturtium seeds from last summer. As yesterday was our soltice and we go onto summer time this coming Sunday I’d better think about using the pickled ones and planting some more.

    After making up the initial pickling liquid last year I just kept adding seed pods as they matured, topping up the vinegar, spices or salt a little as the jar filled

    Try slipping a leaf or 2 into a salad, or even a flower as it will give Danny the same peppery nasturtium flavour hit. Now there is a thought – folding torn flowers into the sauce ….

    Sending care, love and many huggles to you all.

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