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Superb warming lunch time snack

Cottage Smallholder Tapas“This tastes just like good tapas,” Danny smiled and indulgently counted the remaining triangles on his plate. He is at his happiest mid meal.

I’d come home for lunch on a chilly dreary day wanting something warm to eat for lunch. I poked about in the fridge and discovered a length of salami, some Philadelphia cheese, the wedge of Nduja and the crusty ends of an old loaf of white bread.

I grilled the crusty side of the bread and flipped them over. Then I spread a thin layer of Nduja on the soft side, scattered this with chopped salami and spread a thick layer of p cheese. I put them under the grill for a few minutes until the cheese began to soften bubble at the edges, I popped on slices of chilled cucumber for the last minute, to add a coolness and crunch.

Cut into small squares these are great as an appetiser.

Something magical happens to Philadelphia cheese when it is grilled.

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