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The first Cottage Smallholder annual get together

Alphonso cockerel

Alphonso. Vibrant, dominant and loud. RIP.

Danny and some of his friends on the forum have plotted and planned our first Cottage Smallholder get together. It will be a chance to meet people that you’ve met in cyberspace and the excuse for a jolly good party.

The date is Saturday July 23rd 2011 and I’d like to extend the invitation to all readers of the blog. It seems a long way away now but if you’d like to come and meet other bloggers and us and our cottage menagerie make a note in your diary and email me through the Contact Us tab above.

Secretly, I suspect that D thinks it’s a great excuse for me to get the cottage in order. Our builder has been booked to repair our chimney and there will be a skip parked in the driveway in a month or so. The charity shops in Newmarket have been receiving hefty donations already. Although it might seem a long way away to you, I’m working like mad on the cottage and garden. If you do come to our party I might be on a stretcher.

We live in the village of Cheveley – near Newmarket. Postcode CB8 9DG. As this is a racing town, most local accommodation is booked way in advance. So if you plan to come, you need to book your accommodation fast. There are several good B&Bs in the village itself.

I’m really excited by this event! It will be a wonderful chance to meet people that we’ve got to know over the past few years. Unseen friends.

I’d love to hear your ideas on how to make it really special. I thought that it would be great to have an honesty stand where we can sell our stuff? A small exhibition area to display our paintings and crafts? A giant cake that I step out of naked just holding a small trowel? What do you think?

The cottage is quite small and although the garden is large, there is not much lawn left since we expanded our vegetable borders three years ago. Numbers are limited – so don’t delay if you’d like to come.

Writing this blog has taught me loads as it’s put me in touch with so many people who want to share. Your ideas have broadened my perspective and it would be so good to give you a hug in the material world!

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  1. That sounds a lovely idea. I’m not that far away either!

  2. skybluepinkish

    What a wonderful idea. With a bit of manoeuvring I might even be free. Some negotiation would be required first, but I’ll see how I get on. Cake and trowel absolutely essential!

  3. I wish I could come too. We don’t even live that far away. Unfortunately I’m in San Fransisco for work that week…

  4. casalba

    How I would love to come, but we are in full season at that time. What would I do if I could come? I’d bring some of my cured olives and our own extra, extra virgin olive oil (first cold press). Some salami from Fabriano and some prosciutto made from cattle locally raised and cured in Le Marche – I would bring some Verdicchio di Jesi – several bottles actually – and I would give you a big hug for all the help and inspiration you have given me over the years I have “virtually” known you. Have a great party!

  5. Tamar@StarvingofftheLand

    Since there are so many of us on the other side of the Atlantic who’d love to come, perhaps we should have a CS:West party that day. All we need is a volunteer for the cake. Paula?

  6. Definitely a cake and a trowel, Fiona!

  7. Oh how I would love to come to your party. I live just a little too far away (Canada) though. I have been lurking here for about a year and love reading your blog.

  8. What a fantastic idea! Sadly for me, I am both a guest at a wedding AND making the cake for that day, so won’t be able to attend. Maybe next year!

    I definitely think you should have an honesty stall. It’s probably just as well I can’t come or I would no doubt come home with a car boot full of goodies!

    I’m sure you’ll all have a fantastic time.

  9. It sounds like a lovely idea and I wish I could come. Please take lots of pictures and post them!

  10. Kooky Girl

    Ha, Ha ! Kooky Girl commented first.. does that mean I get to come ? Yes, definitely the naked cake thing with the trowel – lol! Seriously, it’s a lovely idea, I would just love to see your garden and your veggie patch. :o)

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