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The Launch of Cottage Smallholder Forum


Photo: Dr Quito in the garden

Photo: Dr Quito in the garden

Danny took a week off work to tweak our site, give it a good polish and set up a forum. Although I’ll try to answer queries I don’t know all the answers. And sometimes I’d like to ask questions myself.

At the moment there are quite a few people who respond to comments on the blog and I appreciate this enormously. We hope that our forum will become a place where people can share tips, access solutions and even just chat.

As the blog has become more popular the comments section of some posts have become large and unwieldy. A lot of question that are asked have been asked before. But who is going to read through 500 comments to find out why their chickens are not laying eggs? A forum seems to go someway to answering this problem as it has the search facility to pinpoint relevant threads easily.

In time we hope that our forum will become a great online resource created and shared by us and our readers. The blog will continue, the forum is just another resource on the site.

We will be moderating the forum but can’t do this 24/7. So we are looking for volunteer moderators who would be interested in helping out if they have a bit of time to spare. If you’d like to become a moderator just use the ‘contact us’ link at the top of the page to get in touch.

Meanwhile please visit the Cottage Smallholder forum and start the big ball rolling. And keep on reading the blog – your interest and comments keep it alive.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Heather

    There are two recipes for chilli jelly

    The first one is the best and I now add a few diced dried chillies when I ladle the mixture into jars

  2. last time on site saw recipe for a jelly but with chilli in it, but can’t find it again! did I imagine it? been given some pears and am trying out a pear and vanilla jam recipe tomorrow.

  3. Oh dear at the moment I’m struggling to keep up with this site and am having to pop on every few days and catch up – I’ll be really frustrated if there’s more and I can’t get to it!!

    Seriously though Thank you Danny & Fiona for all your hard work, it’s wonderful reading and communicating with like-minded people who you’ve never met and probably never will but can share so much with anyway and it’s down to your hard work and dedication so thank you again.

  4. Registered and ready…

  5. Danny Carey

    Magic Cochin – Looking forward very much to your pertinent and impertinent contributions! And to hosting Cliff and yourself here at Chez Walnut Challenge Winner 2010, on a freezing cold, icy, sleety, skiddy, blizzardy Saturday night in January. As one does!

    Diane G – many thanks for your encouraging words. Some day I hope we meet to taste your Port Isaac sloe gin. But I have an unforgivable sneaking suspicion that it has already totally evaporated? Hope you can prove me totally, unfoundedly and abjectly wrong !!

    Hi, S.o.L – Oh my goodness . . I think it is time that we introduced Cottage Smallholder Chat Lite . . . (i.e. very, very small talk).
    Watch these pages for announcements. And, BTW, I was born less than 60 miles (90 km) from the Blarney Stone. And it shows 🙂

  6. Am signed up and ready to chat!

  7. Dideeanna

    Danny, thank you for all your hard work – looks great and easy to use – or will be when its all loaded. So much information! I will need to spend even more time reading on this site and it’s going to be an interesting & fun way to while away those long dark winter evenings which are just around the corner!

  8. Magic Cochin

    How exciting! Clever Danny.

    I’ve signed up – but looks like my studio computer is sulking about being old fashioned and won’t let me join in. Probably a good thing as I’m supposed to be working 😉

    I’ll have to pay a visit on the laptop later…


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