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The power of things left unsaid

Runner beans from our garden

Runner beans from our garden

Danny is doing a kitchen clean up. We’ve both dabbled with this over the past week.
“There’s still hot water after my shower. Great for the washing up!”
“What’s that smell?”
“I opened the bin.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“What for?”
The latter remark is a good one. It leaves no niggly teeny thing alive that might fester and spring up, snapping at your calf at some future date. Just a few moments of contrition for everything that has happened and, as there are two people in the cottage beavering way and making individual messes, this comment can earn you Brownie Points too.

“It’s fine.”
Also encourages something that surmounts to a generosity of spirit.

Any attempt to help is met with the firm reminder.
“Only room for one here. Just do your post!”

I have two posts underway. Needing a bit more research. Both excited me – unfortunately you have to wait for a few days to discover that
1) You can buy a pressure canner in the UK
2) You can actually grow vegetables without much watering

Watch this space.

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  1. Odelle Smith

    Hi there,
    It’s good to be back!!!!!!
    Having probs logging in think it maybe due to my changing to ‘gmail’?…..
    Help required I think Danny….Phew you must be sighing, she’s back,I don’t blame you one little bit! Ha, ha ha, thanks in advance.
    As in the words of the song,’Since you’ve been gone’…..etc, etc, lv Odelle.S

  2. Wow, that is one post I can’t wait to read. I have searched for pressure canners in the UK (even emailed suppliers in the US but they won’t post them over).

  3. rachelanwen

    Oooh, hurry up with the pressure canner info! I’m desperate to get one, but can’t find one here for love nor money!

  4. skybluepinkish

    I remember pressure canners from the seventies. Summers in North Dakota: a whole lot of produce was canned 🙂

  5. ME too!!! I really want, sorry *need* a pressure canner.

  6. Bridget

    I’m intrigued about the pressure canner..will be watching and reading!

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