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Too much on my plate

fried breakfastI’m working this weekend and out to play in the evenings so there will be a short intermission of service for a couple of days whilst the blog takes a mini holiday.








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  1. It foxes me too, Sally — it’s not like Fiona doesn’t have anything else to do, and she turns out beautifully crafted entries daily. I manage about 6 entries a month on my blog, and the literary quality leaves a lot to be desired 🙂

  2. Have a great break. You are already missed, but how you manage to post every day already foxes me frankly. Best wishes, Sally

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Maria

    Thanks for leaving a comment!

    Hello KarenO

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Hi Terry and Chris

    Sunday breakfast – perfect especially cooked by Danny as this one was…

  4. terry and chris

    ….lovely breakfast….

  5. Ditto!! But enjoy anyway

  6. What! This is all too much. After checking my email you are my second port of call. This mini break will wreck the next couple of mornings.
    In others words you will be missed, enjoy and hurry back.

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