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Wikio’s top gastronomy rankings: August 2009

Photo: Bowl of damsons

Photo: Bowl of damsons

Wikio suggested that I might like to offer a sneak preview of their top 35 gastronomy rankings. They’ve extended the usual top 20 to 35 so as to include my site. It’s great to see some old pals on this list and be introduced to new ones.

I’ve just spent an hour doing a whistle stop tour of the thirty five blogs. A really enjoyable romp only marred by the fact that I’ve still not had breakfast yet.

Apart from The Guardian – Word of mouth which staunchly sits at number one month after month, the top ten blogs seem to shuffle up and down the ladder a rung at a time.

Looking at July’s list there are three new arrivals in the top 20 hall of fame, Thring for your Supper(17) and London Eater (18) and straight in at a dazzling 12th place is Londonelicious.

Now with buttered toast in hand I feel composed enough to reveal the list for your delight and enjoyment.

1 The Guardian – Word of Mouth  
2 Food Stories  
3 Ambrosia and Nectar  
4 Hollow Legs  
5 eat like a girl  
6 spittoonextra  
7 A Slice of Cherry Pie  
8 Cheese and Biscuits  
9 World Foodie Guide  
11 The Foodie List  
12 Londonelicious  
13 Domestic Goddess in Training  
14 Dinner Diary  
15 Cherrapeno  
16 Antics of a cycling cook  
17 Thring for Your Supper  
18 London Eater  
19 Joanna’s Food  
20 Greedy Gourmet  
21 Intoxicating Prose  
22 Kavey Eats  
23 Annes Kitchen  
24 Chocablog  
25 Crumbs and Doilies Cupcakes blog  
26 Ice Cream Ireland  
27 Baking Cakes Galore  
28 Coffee and Vanilla  
29 Culinary Travels Of A Kitchen Goddess  
30 The London Review of Breakfasts  
31 Becks & Posh  
32 An American in London  
33 The Cottage Smallholder  
34 Good Food Shops  
35 Gastronomy Domine  

Ranking by Wikio.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I think I’ve learned that a little controversy is a good thing, traffic-wise. See my post here to see what I mean!

  2. I agree with Wendy!

  3. Really, really interesting. Can’t wait to visit these blogs and have a look. (But ‘you’re my favourite’ as Bruce Forsyth would say on Strictly Come Dancing!). x

  4. Toffeeapple

    How good to see your blog in there, and Joanna’s Food!

  5. Kang/LondonEater

    Ditto Douglas, it was indeed good to have come across your blog.

  6. Douglas

    What fun – and good to have discovered your site through this.

  7. The last time I checked I was nowhere near so high up on the list. You’ve just made my day. Thank you!!!

  8. Michelle in NZ

    Ooo Fiona – what a wealth of foodie sites to visit. Off to beddybise now, knowing I have this joy to check out on Wednesday.

    Nighty night, hope your Tuesday is treating you well,
    Michelle xxx

  9. Coffee & Vanilla

    Wow, I did not realize that my blog moved so many points up, last time I checked it was on position 41 🙂

    Thank you for sharing this list.


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