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Results of Grand Draw for 5 x £50 Homebase vouchers

Homebase potting bench

Homebase potting bench

Danny here. Fiona opened the Homebase Grand Draw on May 11th and it ran until the end of the month. As she said, “the five lucky winners will each receive a £50 voucher. The vouchers can be used throughout the store. As you know, they have a huge range of other products too.” You can read her article here.

This morning I ran the drawing of the prize vouchers. There were 136 entries (including my invalid one), which were comments on her article. One entrant Tweeted and also posted a comment (1 entry).

The method of selecting the winners was as simple as can be, technically speaking.
I used Excel and the function =RANDBETWEEN(1,136)
Every time you initialise the spreadsheet, it generates a different random number.
Also, I printed off the comments. The printout shows them automatically numbered, which avoids human error. The winning numbers correspond to the comments where 1 = the first comment and 136 = the last comment.

These are the winners in the order in which they “came out of the hat”:

94 Sue on May 12th

72 Peter Wallace on May 12th

30 Sandra on May 11th

46 Jobless Pilot on May 11th

82 Julie on May 12th

Congratulations to the five winners. Fiona will email you for your postal address and the vouchers should be in the post within the next few days.
I think these £50 vouchers are a really worthwhile prize and our thanks goes to Homebase for sponsoring the draw.

Commiserations to the 130 disappointed people. But many thanks for joining in the spirit and thanks also for some enjoyable comments.

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  1. Original Redhead

    Congratulations to the winners even though that means I’ll have to raid the piggybank for my next visit to Homebase.

  2. Badcat666

    Well done peeps!! Bugger, will have to just day dream and dribble over the website now. We demand info on what lovely things you all bought so I can live my shopping spree through others :) xx

  3. steve h

    >>using a bit of software cunningly devised by Danny.<<

    very cunning but absolutely fair and random! – well done!

    is that a standard Excell formula or one you have devised?
    I have several uses for it! – but if it`s your copyright then please may I?

  4. Danny

    :-) Steve,

    It’s a standard function in Excel 2007. I did not know about it until I went looking this morning (cunningly)!

    Fiona is my PR department . .

  5. Heidi

    Well done lucky winners!!!
    Oh the excitement of what to spend your vouchers on.
    Thank you Fiona and Danny for providing us all with this exciting opportunity. x

  6. Captain Shagrat

    Well nice of you guys to hold the competition, congrats to the victors

  7. Congratulations to the lucky winners – and thank you so much Fiona and Danny for running a competition that even I could enter – no thinking necessary!!

    And thank you for the fantatsic blog – reading about your experiences is helping me chip away at the changes i want to make to my life. ‘Broody bantam’ hatched 11 Pekin chicks last weekend – my self sufficiency is expanding xx

  8. Alison

    Well done to the winners, and thank you for running the competition. Reading blogs like this one that inspire me and plants seeds in my head for when we move to our ‘new place’ is a prize in itself at the moment!

  9. Well done winners! Hope Homebase are as generous next year, and great idea to run the comp. Off to try out some new salad ideas.

  10. Vicky

    Well done winners – enjoy spending your vouchers!

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