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Sam’s. The best fast food takeaway in Newmarket and maybe all of Britain


Sam’s stand caught my eye initially because it was so clean. He was talking to his customers and all of them were smiling. I was intrigued.

Many months ago I bought my first sausage bap from Sam. I was amazed to see that he only sells Musk’s Sausages. It was very, very good. I don’t like burgers so I didn’t try his.

We don’t tend to eat takeaway food. But sometimes, pressed for time, I find myself with no lunch and a long afternoon ahead. In the past I’ve bought the soggy sandwiches and rolls available from supermarkets. Now Jalopy turns towards Ridgeons, a large UK builders’ supplier. And the home of the best takeaway/fast food that I’ve ever tasted in East Anglia.

Sam’s fast food stand is permanently parked in Ridgeons’ car park.

He cooks like a dream and only sells organic, free range food. Eggs, burgers (including pork, venison, wild boar), bacon and sausages are the staples on the menu. He is such a great cook that the famous Newmarket Sausage company, Musk’s, custom make sausage burgers for him – pork and leek, and Mexican.

A couple of weeks ago I overheard a burly builder make his order.
“I’d like a wild boar burger with brie and a little mustard.”
It sounded like designer food to me. But Sam, the builder and the wild boar burger got me thinking.

On Friday I ordered one. Sam wrapped it in foil and I chugged home with an exceptional treat to share with Danny. The burger was unbelievably delicious.

Danny savoured his half (still quite chunky as the burger is 6 ozs). For the first time ever, I had wolfed down my half before D and  enviously watched as he demolished his.
“This is wonderful (chomp) Thank you so much (double chomp). By far the best burger that I’ve ever tasted.”

Within an instant the wheels in D’s brain sprang into action.
“Does Sam do breakfast on Saturday mornings?”
Sam’s of Newmarket is only open 7.30 -2.30 Monday to Friday. On Saturday it’s 7.30 to 12.00. Sam is a treasure. He is gentle and chatty and his food is wonderful. The prices are good too.

He also runs Queen’s Events.  Judging from his professional approach to his takeaway business and his eye for detail I would definitely approach Sam if I needed help with organising an event. Until then I’ll enjoy his exceptional food and the craic around his stand.


  1. I can’t believe such a take-away place exists, I’ve always been suspicious of these vans parked around any little gap in the road. I have just found your site after searching for recipes and am so very excited by your recipes and now Sam’s as I’m only just up the road in Burwell! Great tip-off, excellent site and superb recipes. I’ll be trying the first one tomorrow and hoping for some crispy crackling. Next plan is to spend hours on here for more ideas and as soon as possible start foraging. Yippeeeee.

  2. I’m assuming that they prices must be a bit higher for such yummy food – it seems that people are willing to pay it though which is lovely. Around here (New England) our builder’s supply shops have similar set-up outside but they sell the worst of the worst hot-dogs for about 50 cents. Frightening.

  3. I wish I lived a little closer so I could try it for myself, as it sounds like a great place indeed.

  4. magic cochin

    Cooooo! thanks for the tip-off! We would normally go to Rigeons in Saffron Walden or just off the A11 junction, so would never have found Sam’s by ourselves!

    Love the bistro furniture 🙂


  5. Shame he isnt near us! There is one around here that pitches in the DIY store car park. It is called Starvin Marvin. Never eaten from it, but there is always taxi drivers there. Sign of good food maybe? Happy 1st December!

  6. Oh gosh – he sounds an absolute dream. I love that a ‘fast food stand’ can be so precious over the food they serve – and why not. Note to self – if I’m ever passing Newmarket I must make a visit.

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