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Murray River gourmet salt flakes

Murray River saltSometimes I take a straight look at my life. I am usually rumbling along a country road, behind the wheel of Jalopy.
“I never thought that I would be breeding keets, living with an Irishman, allowing the giant spider to live in the bath.”
I never, ever thought that I would be writing about salt.

I buck the system as far as salt goes. Danny has high blood pressure so we cook without salt. I have a range of salt for personal use. Low salt if I am feeling virtuous and Maldon sea salt if I am feeling wild and rakish. This was fine until Katherine introduced me to Murray River Salt.

“It’s very special indeed.” Katherine had a faraway look in her eyes. “Perfect with soft boiled eggs on a Sunday.”
Instantly I could imagine it. I had to taste this delicacy. Luckily, their flat is just of the Portobello Road, an easy stroll to the Spice Shop.

At over seven quid for a pack, I shied at the last fence. No salt could be worth that.
“We’ve got loads at the flat that we bought in Australia. I’ll give you some.”
I expected a twist of the salt. Generous as always, Katherine gave us our own pack.

The salt is made by Sun Salt in Victoria, Australia with salt water from the Murray Basin. The water is poured into large vats and allowed to evaporate naturally. The soft, delicate melt in the mouth flakes are a pale apricot colour and make it a perfect table salt. It is worth the hefty price tag. Thank you Katherine for a perfect present.

N.B. Update
The spice shop no longer sells it but you can find it here at the Seasoned Pioneers. Danny bought me some for my birthday this year.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Richard,

    I was tantalised when you mentioned your salt on your blog recently. Is it as good as Murray River Salt? Slowly, we are becoming salt connoisseurs!

    Hi Joanna,

    Black salt (volcanic?). Sounds interesting. We decided this evening that if salt is now a luxury product (using minimal amounts) it should be very good. What does the black salt taste like?

    Good point about gourmet wine.

  2. Joanna

    I don’t know how I missed that on my recent visit to the spice shop. However, I bought some black – yes, really – salt from Hawaii when I was there. I’ve been meaning to blog about it for a while, but my husband has recently started reading my blog, and he’ll be horrified that I didn’t stumble at the last fence, as it, too, cost something like £7 for a packet. On the other hand, gourmet salt is cheaper than a taste for, say, gourmet wines!


  3. Richard

    Sounds very interesting – I intend to write about salt soon too – we picked-up some great fleur de sel when in France – quite different in taste and texture to Maldon Salt. I have to say we eat far too much salt at home – we need to start cutting down I think 🙁

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