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A great recipe for green tomatoes


Photo: Harvested tomatoes

Photo: Harvested tomatoes

It’s beginning to feel quite chilly here so I harvested the remnants of the outdoor tomatoes this afternoon. Gentle warmth on this south west facing windowsill will gradually ripen the green ones that I don’t want to use now.

I’ve bottled (canned) masses of tomatoes, pickled some and made passata to last us through the winter. A lot of our harvest has been dehydrated for use throughout the year. I know that I should be developing a green tomato chutney recipe but I’m indulging myself and am going to make Rozanne Hall’s green tomato mince filling.  Rozanne generously shared this recipe with me two years ago.

This is really delicious as a filling for fruit pies. Friends in the UK are equally amazed by the flavour and the fact that it’s made with green tomatoes.

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  1. marlyinvancouver

    Also made the mincemeat this weekend. I was a bit leery of the vinegar in the recipe but it has turned out beautifully. Also I was out of fresh apples but used homemade applesauce and the result is great.

    On a different topic, an idea for your deydrator. I dried lots of apples this year. Didn’t want to use a commercial treatment but find the untreated brownish colour a bit off-putting. My book said acidic fruit juice would work so I tried pure cranberry juice (not the commercial sweetened mix). It dyes the apple a beautiful rose pink without changing the flavour and completely stops any browning. I cut large circles off the sides of the apples and used the rest for apple sauce. When dried, these circles make a great base for appetizers instead of crackers. Try them with pate and hot pepper jelly or goat cheese. Yum

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