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A great recipe for green tomatoes


Photo: Harvested tomatoes

Photo: Harvested tomatoes

It’s beginning to feel quite chilly here so I harvested the remnants of the outdoor tomatoes this afternoon. Gentle warmth on this south west facing windowsill will gradually ripen the green ones that I don’t want to use now.

I’ve bottled (canned) masses of tomatoes, pickled some and made passata to last us through the winter. A lot of our harvest has been dehydrated for use throughout the year. I know that I should be developing a green tomato chutney recipe but I’m indulging myself and am going to make Rozanne Hall’s green tomato mince filling.  Rozanne generously shared this recipe with me two years ago.

This is really delicious as a filling for fruit pies. Friends in the UK are equally amazed by the flavour and the fact that it’s made with green tomatoes.

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  1. magic cochin

    As they were handy (!!! understatement) last night I added a couple of sliced green tomatoes to the squash/chicken/celery/sage rissoto – the result was superb, the slightly sharp crunchy slices of tomato perfectly set off the smooth sweet squash.


  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Mandy

    Loved your comment. I can wait to try mine out!

    Hello dzinvancouver

    What a brilliant idea using the plums. Like the idea of using the orange zest too.

    Great that you are enjoying the blog!

    Hi Ken

    Welcome to the blog. I’m so envious 150 books on preserving!

    I think that the Oded Schwartz recipe is still copyright – unless you have your own tweaks. I love his book Preserving – truly inspirational.

  3. Hi I am the new guy on the block and it is somewhat sad to state that I have over 150 books on preserving including some fist editions so please forgive me if I go over the top from time to time.

    However have a recipe for green toms which basically is of Jewish/US extraction and where one pricks the toms and they are they covered with cider vinagar plus hot chillies things like mustard seeds and the like. This is an essential dish in US deli’s. It appears in Oded Schwartz’s book on preserving. Please let me know if you wish me to post the recipe.

  4. dzinvancouver

    After lurking for a couple of years and really loving your site, I’m finally posting a comment. I made the mincemeat a couple of days ago with the very last of the green tomatoes from the farmer’s market. My lord, but it’s good! I’ve always liked the concept of mincemeat, but find the stuff in jars just too intense and dry to really enjoy it. I only had 1 cup of raisins, so added a handful of purple plums,chopped to make up the bulk. It tastes like heaven. I decided to add the zest of an orange just before I put it in jars and processed it. Easier than you can imagine. Can’t wait for Christmas!! Thank you & Rozanne.

  5. I made green tomato mincemeat the first year we were here growing tomatoes (1995) but there were so many green tomatoes I made about 4 normal sized jam jar full and then filled a hge 2 litre kiner jar with the stuff. On year 2 I found it at the back of the cupboard unsure if it was going to be alright after a year and gingerly opened it had a sniff and then a hestitant taste and then waited for 24 hours to see if it sent me running to spend time in the loo.
    When it didn’t i felt happy to make mince pices for all the family with it and everyone said it tasted richer and nicer than the year before. However there was still over 3/4 jar left ;( so I tipped half a cup of brandy on the surface resealed the jar and put it away in the back of the cupboard. Each year since I have exercised the same sniff taste and wait test and then used and covered with brandy. I’m down to the last 3 inches in the bottom of the jar and every year its got more and more brandified but everyone loves it and calls it ‘mandis never ending mincemeat’.

  6. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Peter

    Thanks so much for this link. It sounds perfect.

  7. Try Keith Floyd’s Green Tomato Chutney,, with lots of green chillies.

  8. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Jan

    I think I set our seeds a bit late this year – next year things will be different 🙂

    Lucky you having early toms. Ours took ages to ripen.

    Hi Pamela

    No I didn’t. Bramleys are my favourite cooking apples by far.

  9. Nothing at all to do with your post but … Did you know that the Bramley apple tree is celebrating its bicentenary this year?

  10. This is the first year ever that I’ve had no green tomatoes; I sowed the seeds so early that they not only ripened when we wanted salads, but they ALL ripened! I bet it doesn’t happen again.

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