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A month in the country

A beautiful lead toy cow from my collection that we sold this month on eBay

A beautiful lead toy cow from my collection that we sold this month on eBay

I didn’t plan my month in the country. At first I just wanted to take a few days off from blogging. Then it became a week – two weeks and more. Then I decided that I’d take the entire month off.

August 12th this year was The Cottage Smallholder’s sixth birthday. Six years of blogging, finding new friends and learning. Blogging ultimately means shifting stones. There’s no point in just being a town crier.

When I started blogging I had no advice, no map or planned route. I had no idea that there might be treasure involved.

I’ve since discovered that blogging can be an amazing journey. I’ve travelled through unimagined landscapes met and communicated with people way outside my frame of reference. Blogging for me has replaced the need for that round the world trip that I could never take. It has forced me to wake up, grow and develop. It has provided a gentle light where there were just shadows before.
Over the past few weeks I’ve really missed blogging and communicating with you. Everywhere that I looked I found a quirky detail that inspired me to blog and share. But I deliberately put these aside for later – I wanted to see what would happen to me if I took a stealthy break from blogging.

I created several new recipes – photographed and stored away for the future. They’re good ones too. I must admit that often it was good to slide under my duvet with the Min Pins and a good book and not feel the need to blog. I didn’t touch the garden, allotment or any of those pressing tasks that I’d planned to do. Perhaps I just needed the space to play a bit, take a holiday and digest the last six years.

Anyway I’m so pleased to be typing this post now. Whenever I go abroad I always reckon that I’m the one person to be relieved to touch down and head off home. I love travelling but I enjoy living in our cottage more.

I’m delighted to be back at the keyboard and looking out beyond the gate at the end of our drive.

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  1. Tanya @ Lovely Greens

    Welcome back to blogging Fiona and congratulations on six years of blogging! I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed your time off and am looking forward to seeing some of these new recipes 🙂

  2. Welcome back, I too was worried about you. I thought you might be feeling ill again. I am so glad it was a holiday at home that you were enjoying & that you are back blogging. You have been so missed, every morning I have checked to see if you were back & what you were up to.

  3. There has been a void in my morning routine and now it has been filled again, welcome back , you have been missed xxx

  4. A change is often as good as a holiday and consolidating yourself is always good when you blog. Glad you are back 🙂

  5. Janet Anderson

    Glad you are back I love your posts!


  6. Just arrived back from an evening’s shift as a Games Maker – and hurrah Fiona I am glad you are OK and hopefully refreshed. I think we were all getting worried about you.

  7. Michelle from Oregon

    Glad your time off did you good, even if we did miss you!

    Don’t know if you saw on the forum, but Dan is rumbling about coming back to the UK so we can see a train have its anniversary.

    So hoping we can scrape the money together and see you and Danny again!

  8. Hooray!


  9. Thrift Bee

    Welcome back, its really great to recharge and to know what you love and to come back to it. I feel the same way as you about my own home and I feel especially privileged to feel that way.
    Looking forward to hearing all your stored up posts.


  10. thinking of the days

    I wondered where you’d been! was beginning to worry….

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your month’s leave… you feel refreshed?
    We’re in a world where everyone is so busy….you have to do, perform, shine…it’s expected of us,…or we expect it of ourselves….

    A couple of weeks go, I’d started work at 6am, got hoem t 2pm and there were so many things I could have, should have done but I didn’t….and I felt so much better for it.

    welcome back Fiona!

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