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A present of Pheasant’s Eye narcissus

Photo: Narcissus Pheasant's eye or Poet's Narcissus

Photo: Narcissus Pheasant's Eye or Poet's Narcissus

We grow two types of daffodils in our garden. As these bulbs were bought in sacks from wayside stands, I’m not sure what they are called.

A very pretty white and pale yellow one flowers first. Just as the heads are fading another strain appears of the all yellow, King Alfred type. Over the years they have gradually spread through the grass in front of the cottage. Wonderful pools of good sturdy bulbs.

My favourites in the daffodil family are the narcissus. Small patches of these start to peep through when the ordinary daffodils are over. Their scent is heavenly. They don’t do very well in our garden so I never pick them, rather just welcome them back and stop to enjoy the heady scent of the flowers.  

When I first moved to the cottage I planted quite a lot of Pheasant’s Eye Narcissus (Poet’s Narcissus). I love the simple clear look of the flowers and the scent is delicious. 

They died out pretty fast in the garden and I haven’t seen any for years so imagine my surprise when these Pheasant Eye’s appeared in the giant pot outside the back door, just three days ago.

I think that they might have been planted by a discerning squirrel with my horticultural interests at heart.

As they’ve appeared so late, the flowers and scent are really treasured.

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  1. mandi

    I have had a surprise garden gift also this week.
    The first year we were here my mum ( the source of many of my plants) provided a large pink poppy plant for next to my honeysuckle archway. It bloomed and I saved the head and seeds which I sprinkled in the same spot the following year ( 2 years ago) but alas nothing came. Over the last 2 years I have filled the spot with a clump of campanula. The other day whilst busying and pulling up a weed here and there I noticed some very pale green lettuce like ‘weeeds’ sprouting between the campanula and went to pull them up… but I stopped as a distant memory of those frilly pale leaves sent me rushing in doors to scour my illustrated plants pocket book…. my poppy seeds are growing…only 2 years late and will have to fight for space but now I will have a mass of blue campanula bells surrounding huge pink ornamental shaggy poppies…brilliant….I couldn’t have planned it better!

  2. Pamela

    Don’t you just love those little garden gifts?

  3. I think your garden has decided to give you a present for all your hard work

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