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Autumn leaves


Photo: Autumn leaves

Photo: Autumn leaves

I’m going to throw fruit nets over our vegetable borders next year when the leaves begin to fall. I spent most of the afternoon raking up leaves and testing out my new leaf collectors. They are really good for picking up leaves on the paths. In fact it’s quite fun seeing how many you can pick up at a time.

But getting the leaves from between the rows of vegetables was a bit of a nightmare. They had to be shifted as with the recent rain they create a slug haven. Our vegetables are packed in pretty tight. As I ranged between the rows I realised that I’d be doing exactly the same in a couple of days time. I began hunting for spare nets immediately. In the end I found two – we need five so I’m thinking of dismantling our smaller fruit cage temporarily. Covered with a light net we would just need to clear the nets every couple of days. Speedy and satisfactory.

John used to put the leaves on the grass compost heap but this year I thought I’d make leaf mould. This will give me more satisfaction than just tossing them onto the compost heap and it seems like a quaint Cottage Smallholdery sort of pursuit. Has anyone out there go any tips for making leaf mould? Should I put them in dustbin bags or cover them with plastic sheeting? And then once I’ve got the leaf mould what’s to best way to use it?

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Sylvie

    Yes the leaves are very pretty and by this time next year I’ll have loads of leaf mould!

    Hi SteveJ

    Yes I think that you are right. We do have an area that would be perfect.

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