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Barbie dog blankets

Inca modelling the Barbie dog blanketAs a child I wanted a Barbie doll. My mother refused to grant this wish.
“No. She would push you around.” And that was that.

I forgot all about Barbie until the merchandising explosion of the last few years. Little girls swooped around on tiny pink Barbie bikes and became quite ruthless over Barbie bags and trinkets. Steadily, Barbie has infiltrated so many aspects of our lives. Searching for a tiny vacuum cleaner for my laptop this weekend, the internet kept on pointing to a dinky little Barbie vacuum cleaner, in pink, for Barbie to play with in her Barbie pad.

On the dog blanket front, Barbie has finally come into her own chez Cottage Smallholder. Just before we went to collect seven week old Inca we invested in four new dog blankets for under a fiver. I’d checked out the blankets in the pet shops and was horrified by the prices. When I found a discounted single Barbie blanket in Netto I was delighted and rushed home to cut it up.

Min Pins feel the cold and love being wrapped in the Barbie blankets as they are warm and light. The blankets wash well and dry very quickly. So finally Barbie has a key role in our cottage life – and she doesn’t push us around. Barbie quietly gives the dogs comfort on chilly nights. I wonder what the Barbie merchandisers would think of that?

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