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Barrels and a bug

barrels by the cottage doorI crept home early from work today with a bug. Everything ached. So it was off to bed with a hottie, the Min Pins and a giant cup of tea.

I slipped in between the cool sheets and fell deeply, instantly asleep. So there is no post tonight just a photo of the barrels of annuals either side of the cottage front door.

The plants in these barrels have given us so much pleasure throughout the summer. The white pelargoniums are cast offs from my mother. They bloomed in her Cambridge window boxes last year. They rested in our greenhouse for the winter and have flowered on and off all summer.

Usually I stick to one type of plant in the barrels but decided to mix the pelargoniums with other annuals this year. I’ve enjoyed the effect as there is always something different going on in these miniature borders and everything just looks a bit more relaxed.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Pat,

    Thanks for dropping by. Spend the entire day snoozing just above and to the right of the front door.

    Hi Sara,

    It’s a pretty front door, but very low. Most people have to duck their heads to enter the cottage.

    Hi Mildred,

    Still in bed. Thanks for your good wishes.

    Hi Jan,

    I am amazed to have caught this bug so early in the season. Thanks for leaving a comment.

    Hi Celia,

    Hope that you enjoyed the show. Of course I wanted to win too.

    Hi Amanda,

    I enjoy the occasional trip to Pizza Express. I like the Peroni beer and the dough balls.

    Hi Jane,

    Poor you. I feel worse today. Thank goodness for Nurse Danny and sweet tea. Hope Zaz is doing the same.

  2. Get well soon: I sympathise, as I have got the same bug (told you you were affecting us… Well done for putting anything up (and such a beautiful photo) when you’re feeling like a bit of chewed string.

  3. Hope you are feeling much better today.

    That really is a beautiful front door. The sort that welcomes you even before it’s opened.

    You’re set to record, well at least you on the TV is set to record, I’m taking the children and their friends to Pizza Express. Don’t feel like cooking, which will probably swing in the opposite direction tomorrow and I’ll spend the whole day cooking!

  4. Hope you’re soon feeling much better.

    We’re looking forward to watching you cooking on the telly later this afternoon. Hope you win! Pot roast pheasant sounds delicious.

  5. Get well soon!

  6. Mildred

    Aw, we are sorry to hear you are feeling unwell . . . . hope you are soon better, A&I

  7. farmingfriends

    What a beautiful front door, so inviting. Get well soon. Best Wishes
    Sara from farmingfriends

  8. Hugs Fiona!! Hope you feel better soon!!!
    Lovely plants and what a lovely front door!!!

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