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Photo: Apple tree

Photo: Apple tree

Yesterday our network started to get very creaky and then suddenly I couldn’t connect to the internet. Panic. My window on the world was suddenly blank. Danny fiddled about for hours while I continued with clearing the leaves to distract myself. And then on a foray upstairs I noticed that there was a newsfeed on the laptop’s screen.
“It’s working. How did you do it?”
“I don’t know.”
Danny is always claims he’s done nothing when he fixes something.

Suddenly my laptop was a friend again.

Woke before dawn this morning and decided to open the laptop. Everything is still working fine but I went AWOL. I should have been writing today’s post but I was deep in the Sussex woods with Nick Weston.

This man decided to build a tree house in a Sussex wood and live off the land for six months. This morning I was drawn further and further into a fascinating and absorbing blog – The Treehouse Diaries.

His tree house is to die for. Constructed for just £300. The location is idyllic. But living off the grid is tough. His alarm clock is the squirrels playing on the corrugated tin roof. Throw in the need to grow his own vegetables, forage for fuel and hunt for supper each day and here you will find a heady mix of challenges.

Beautifully written and photographed, I’m not surprised that The Treehouse Diaries is going to be written up and published as a book.

So if you feel the need to escape today Nick Weston will take you to where few have ventured for the last 100 years.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Diane

    I wish I’d discovered it before! I found it totally absorbing.

    Hello Joanna

    Hope this lightened the fishery policies a bit 🙂

    Hello Veronica

    Yes I bet it was very tough at times. Six months is a long time.

    Hi Suky

    I think the catching your own food bit would be really hard to do. I reckon that Nick grew up learning these country skills. Impressive though – even making that wonderful bed!

    Hi Debbie

    Great that you enjoyed it too! I’d love to have a tree house retreat in the garden. Just for the summer though.

    Hi Paula

    The tree house diaries give a lovely glimpse of England.

  2. Ooh cool! thanks for the tip.

  3. Debbie Lees

    I, too, have just spent the last couple of hours reading the blog – fascinating stuff. So much that nature provides for us for free seems to get left behind if it doesn’t conform to aesthetically beautiful standards. Good on Nick for finding a happy mix of the modern (mobile,iPod) with the ancient.

  4. I have just spent 3 hours reading this wonderful blog. To think he is the same age as my own son! I cannot imagine Matt spending more than 24 hours living like that, let alone catching his own food.

  5. Hi Fiona

    I followed a link to it from one of Nick’s comments on your blog last week. Absolutely fascinating — I spent ages reading it too. It does look idyllic in the sunshine, but I imagine it must have been very tough at times. I do admire the commitment and passion he shows!

  6. Did you have to? I am supposed to be working, lol. I am deep into the Common Fisheries Policy so rather easily distracted.

  7. Its been my fave blog all summer (as you will as I left comments every post). Nick is a really talented writer and seems to be a great young man.

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