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Crocs: a review


Photo: Crocs Cayman sandal

Photo: Crocs Cayman sandal

Inca and I are still regularly attending the Animal Health Trust. She is undergoing a course of Chemotherapy which seems to be working well. Inca is very lucky she is been treated by Lara Matiasek who is one of the Senior clinicians in neurology. Inca likes Lara although there is often a bit of a struggle when she is carried away!

Generally all the vets wear loose blue tops and slacks and very strange brightly coloured shoes. These shoes intrigued me and eventually I just had to ask about them.
“I do hope that you don’t mind me asking but why do you all wear these rubber shoes?”
“Of course I don’t.” Replied Lara as she slipped of a lime green shoe. “They are plastic and so light that it doesn’t feel as if you are even wearing shoes.”
They were extremely light.
“I first saw them in the States and wondered why so many people were wearing such hideous shoes. Then I saw that they were on offer here so I thought I’d test them out. I wouldn’t dream of wearing them outside of here but they’re great for work.”

My half sized Wellington boots were getting a bit hot. Not having any old shoes to wear in the garden, I needed some summer gardening shoes – perhaps these would be the answer? I discovered that the shoes are called Crocs they are quite expensive and very, very well reviewed. There are discounts to be had on Crocs though – I wanted a pair of the Crocs Cayman sandals. I got a good deal on a pair of red ones.

They do look odd – very broad, like a child’s shoe. But they are a delight to wear, well ventilated and easy to slip on and off.  Apparently you need to choose a slightly bigger size than you would normally wear – I found this clever sizing chart this morning.

Unlike Lara, I’m loathe to take these shoes off and would wear them anywhere! Mud does get into the shoes but I don’t find this a problem as it’s a great excuse for a relaxing footbath at the end of the day – my idea of heaven.

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  1. Crocs are doing some really cool new styles now. I’ve just got a pair that are like canvas trainers but have that really comfy Crocs sole, they’re called Crocs Hover, so lightweight and the comfiest shoes i’ve every had.

    I picked mine up from a company in Devon called Two Bare Feet, They’ve got an unbelievable range. Here’s there website if anyone wants to have a look

  2. I got a pair of Wozes in Italy recently. What swayed me, as a former Croc hater, were the patterns (abstract, fruit etc) and how light and comfortable they are. Also loved walking in them through mountain streams. Cool feet. In 30 degree heat. Bliss

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