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Easter Trees

Photo: Easter Tree

Photo: Easter Tree

I don’t have a long family tradition of making Easter Trees. Occasionally, over the past few years I’ve seen them in clients’ houses and been intrigued. Finally the blog Finding Simplicity gave  me the nudge last year and we enjoyed the tree so much that we’ve made one again this year.

The tradition is far simpler than the Christmas tree one. You can use any sort of twiggy growth for the tree. If you didn’t need it to last long and need to make an off the cuff tree Forsythia would be ideal (as it is already in flower). We followed the Scandinavian tradition by finding twigs in bud. Initially the tree looks a bit bare but over the next week or so the leaves finally unfurl and you have a decorated tree covered with the freshest and brightest green leaves.

Our superstructure is made from twigs snipped off the top of the beech hedging and the decorations are various little things that we have collected over the years. Although I splashed out on the bee this year and bought a bag of tiny eggs to join those that Tessa and Colin gave us last year.

I love Easter. In fact I prefer it to Christmas. Here in the UK, Easter is in springtime. Usually we’ve enjoyed the first few sunny days of the year as Easter approaches.  Everything is bursting into life. And we have the summer in our sights.

I snaked up to bed relatively early last night but I spent a happy half hour decorating our tree to surprise Danny in the morning.

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  1. I felt a bit choked decorating the tree with the boys, this year absolutely pain free. xx

  2. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Heather

    Glad that you feel the same too! I love Easter, a holiday with a mini build up. Perfect.

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for your contribution. Much appreciated and thought provoking. No wonder I prefer Easter!

    Easter is special and doesn’t need my paint strewn image ?

    Hi Amanda

    I loved your post last year. Just out of hospital and decorating your tree. Let’s hope that you enjoy the same this year, without the pain. Hopefully.

    Hi Jules,

    That’s not cheating – just being practical.

    I love the bee too.

    Hello Jabblog

    I do hope that you’ve made one! I really enjoy our tree as I know that when the leaves unfurl it will look better and better ?

    Hi Michelle NZ

    What a shame that Zebbycat would kidnap an Easter tree. The great thing about them is that there are no rules governing them (like years of traditions for Christmas trees).

    Yes Min Pins can snore. The Contessa never has (far too elegant) but Inca snored from the word go when she was seven weeks old and Dr Q snores in his dotage.

    Hello Alex

    Twig? This is twigs!!!

    Hi Beck

    That sounds lovely. Olive branches and flowers who could ask for more.

  3. Here in my village in spain(I don’t know if its just here or all over spain) put bunches of olive branches and flowers out for easter.

  4. So pretty! My mother always has an Easter twig…

  5. Michelle in NZ

    Easter Tress are completely new to me. I love the idea. And what a great surprise for Danny to come down to in the morning.

    If I tried one in my wee home Zebbycat would soon find it, cautiously poke at it, then try to eat it. Or claim it as his own possession – like he considers me to be.

    Low pitched & low volume Zebster snore just started. Do the Min Pins ever snore?

  6. jabblog

    What a pretty idea! I’ve never heard of these before and really want to make one now. I agree, Easter is a lovely holiday and a particularly beautiful time of year in UK.

  7. I made my Easter Tree last week, though I admit I’ve cheated by using silver twigs that were already being used for decoration around the house. I love the bee ornament.

  8. Amanda

    You’ve just reminded me to dig out the Easter tree decorations tomorrow, actually today, it’s just gone 1am… Yours looks beautiful.

  9. Hi Fn,
    Being a Pagan i’ve celebrated Ostara (19-22 March)for many years, and the Easter tree is in fact (like Christmas/our Yule!) derived from Pagan Tradition.
    As you say, the Easter tree is longer lasting, but the celebratory difference is, the Christmas tree gradually dies over the festive period,whilst the Easter tree gradually comes to life. Rowan (mountain ash) and Hawthorn go particularly well together!
    Your festive tree looks nice! but…you must be some kind of Vampire! – you always post late at night (usually after midnight) and now you photogragh your tree standing directly in front of a mirror! …..but you cast no reflection! ooooher!

  10. Heather

    I love Easter too. Here in Sydney it is Autumn and the weather has just started to get cool.Sunny days and cool nights.It’s lovely. I also like Easter because we have special, traditional food – home made hot cross buns etc but sooo much less preparation and rushing around buying presents. I can cope with buying a few chocolate eggs. It’s actually very relaxing. A long weekend plus an extra day!


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