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Energise your day. Frogs and two great blogs.

frog spawnIt’s the first day of spring!

The frogs must have known this. Our annual bacchanal had started in the large pond when I went down to feed the chickens on this cold and blustery morning. Six couples were clinging on and having fun. And then I spoilt it all by appearing with a large camera and small black and tan Min Pin. All frogs submerged as one. Still attached.

I didn’t know that it was such a special day. I love frogs but still don’t speak their language despite living alongside them for 16 years. Two superb, upbeat blogs gave me the nudge. NÃ? ‘s Shadow’s and Clouds blog from the heart of Italy reminded me this morning and this evening Louisa’s Faerie Nuff blog.

I’m listening to Louisa’s selection of music as I type this. I instantly warmed to the list when I spotted Harry’s Game (Clannad).

When I have the time I love clicking through to the sites of people who leave comments on my blog. The journey is never bumpy and often I find blogs to treasure. Both these blogs are beautifully crafted places where I escape when the walls are starting to close in.

These blogs sparkle with energy and light and pure, fresh air.

Meanwhile our frogs are enjoying themselves. I opened the back door just now and heard a cacophony of croaks. I couldn’t resist creeping down to the pond with a torch (22.00 hours). Judging by the frog count per square centimetre, every invitation has been accepted to the Annual Frog Fest in our pond. Choppy water and chilly winds clearly do not deter party going and procreation. Not a single frog looked up and demanded a hottie.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi nà

    Lovely hearing about your frogs! They are great for slug control and anyway I like just having them around.

  2. hello there fiona, i just caught this post now, don’t know how i managed to miss that one! thanks soooo much for your kind post!
    we have frogs at the allotment, or rather, they share the allotment with us, but always dive into there little pools when we arrive. every so often i manage to take one in my hand, but it’s a rarity! i i think they’re great!

    thanks a lot again, i’m off to visit faerie nuff now, thanks, have a good weekend!

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Louisa

    I’m amazed that you have only been blogging for two weeks!

    Brilliant start.

    Hi Jayne

    Hopefully anther frog will be attracted by his call soon.

    I haven’t checked but I suspect that the snow has damaged the frog spawn. Hopefully the bachinal will continue when the weather gets a bit warmer!

    Hi Kate(uk)

    Weather pretty grim here too.

    We have a good frog enclvae here so it’s only in the darkest months that we don’t hear them croaking. They’ve been voiciferous for about a month now.

  4. Kate(uk)

    No sign of my frogs yet- I hope they are still wrapped up warm somewhere- weather here is VILE!

  5. it’s nice to hear that the frogs are thriving,my pond on its first anniversry seems to have a single lonly frog,he croaks with joy(or horror) when ever i walk past,but ive only ever seen the one,he has a white spot on his head so i know its the same one, are the any lonly hearts clubs for frogs??

  6. Hi Fiona, Thanks for the lovely comments regarding my blog. I’ve only been blogging for a couple of weeks, but I’m loving it. I’ve been visiting yours for about a year now. Yourself and fellow bloggers have given me lots of help when embarking on jam and sloe gin making. The Cottage Smallholder always cheers me up even on the bleakest days. xxx

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