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Flowers from the garden: November 2009


Photo: November flowers

Photo: November flowers

Today is my mother’s 90th birthday. She was born at home in a lovely old house in Kentford. When ever I drive past this house I look up at the large bedroom window and imagine her opening her eyes in that room back in 1919.

The window overlooks a walled garden. Were the birds singing or was it dark outside? Were there flowers in the room where she was born?

So this little posy is travelling over to Cambridge this afternoon. A bunch of country flowers for her bedroom. Picked from a garden that she helped to create. Just a few miles from the garden where she played as a child.

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  1. Fiona Nevile

    Hi Jeannie

    Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving this comment – much appreciated.

    Hi Veronica

    I hadn’t seen my mum for ages so it was great for both of us!

  2. I bet Fiona’s mum was delighted to see her as well as the flowers — what a lovely present!

  3. I love your smallholder blog and look forward to it every day, trying the recipes, following links etc. This morning the bouquet of flowers for your Mum warmed the cockles of my heart! i just had to comment. Wishing your Mum a lovely birthday

  4. That was indeed a striking bouquet of simple flowers from our garden. Incredible that they were still in bloom a few days from December. Fiona said that her mum was delighted by them. I would have been too.
    Your comment is spot on, Helen.

    Great link, Magic Cochin. I especially love “Culturally and politically, the Fens have always been a place apart, the South Armagh of England.”! Nuff said. Am keeping my head and accent beneath the parapet. Am now an East Anglican!

    S.o.L. when you sign in as a member, those pesky Captcha grids and puzzles disappear. Better luck next time.

    Thanks, Caroline, TA and Choclette. Turning 90 is a big day that neither Fiona nor I expect to achieve. We enjoy life and the fun (naughty) elements too much.

    Fiona crashed to bed early after her tiring day driving to visit her mum. But she was so pleased to have done it.

  5. Choclette

    I’m sure your mother loved the flowers – I certainly did. Amazing what you can still glean at this time of year.

  6. Toffeeapple

    All good wishes to your Mother Fiona, I’m sure she enjoyed the bouquet.

  7. what lovely flowers.

    Happy Birthday to your mum


  8. Happy Birthday Fiona’s Mum.

    The story was lovely and the flowers gorg!

    ps what is going on wit hthe letter grid thing today has crazy scribbles all over you can hardly see the letter??!!! lol must need glasses

  9. magic cochin

    I couldn’t remember where Kentford is – but have just found a poignant piece on the Suffolk Churches web site.

    I hope your Mum has a lovely special birthday – those floers are so pretty!


  10. What a lovely thought I’m sure your Mum will be proud I would be.

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