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Forum temporarily unavailable

Hi everybody – Danny here.
After installing the up-to-date versions of software early this morning, some problems developed around noon and our server was out of action for about two hours.
In order to identify the element that is causing trouble, we have temporarily shut down the forum and other more minor features. We will observe the health of the system over the next 24 hours and gradually reinstate each disabled element in turn.
Apologies for the interruption to normal service.

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  1. Just come on line looking to see what my friends are saying tonight.
    Aaaargh – no Forum!!!!!
    Does this mean I have to watch TV? Come back soon please Forum!

  2. Normal, TA? That’s stretching the imagination a bit isn’t it? 😉

    I’m bored too…..oh well, Daniel Craig is on telly at 9 pm 😀

  3. Best of luck Danny, the system couldn’t take the strain of the Uxbridge English Dictionary, perhaps the spell checker has run amok !!

  4. Toffeeapple

    Well, I’m getting bored! Mind you, it’s been ages since I was able to make a comment on the blog. Hope we are back to normal soon.

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