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Forum temporarily unavailable

Hi everybody – Danny here.
After installing the up-to-date versions of software early this morning, some problems developed around noon and our server was out of action for about two hours.
In order to identify the element that is causing trouble, we have temporarily shut down the forum and other more minor features. We will observe the health of the system over the next 24 hours and gradually reinstate each disabled element in turn.
Apologies for the interruption to normal service.

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  1. Danny

    21:45 It has been stable this afternoon and evening, so let’s open the forum again and see how everything holds up

  2. Michelle from Oregon

    Oh, well, poop!
    Good luck Danny, we’ll be watching! 😉

  3. Joanna

    I was also posting a message on the forum at the time. Now I am hanging around waiting for hubby to come home, it’s raining outside and there is not enough time to do much else

  4. Cookie Girl

    I was entering a post on the forum at the time, don’t know if it actually posted, I’ll take a look later.. If you need anything drop me an email and let me know, I work in IT and know how those servers can wreak havoc sometimes.

  5. Ruthdigs

    I’m bored of work now… lol

  6. danast

    How can you say that Danny?
    Oh I’m having withdrawal symptoms already. I’m off to the polytunnel to achieve something!

  7. Shereen

    Oh that is good news! I thought it was something I’d done as I was browsing at the time.

    Good luck with repairs.

  8. Toffeeapple

    That would explain it then!

  9. Danny

    Good point, Ruth!
    Dropping in regularly becomes such a habit that I can name at least a dozen people who will get more work or chores achieved today 🙂

  10. Ruthdigs

    Hope it’s up and running smoothly soon – mind you I may get more work done with it down!! 😀

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