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Four years old today: Happy Birthday Cottage Smallholder

Photo: View from the back door today plus some potatoes that I'm really thrilled with!

Photo: A snap of the view from our back door today

When I was four, I remember going to a fancy dress party dressed as a fairy. I had a wand and glittery shoes and presumably dinky wings. A tiny part of me secretly hoped that by dressing the part I might feel what it’s actually like to be a real fairy and possibly even to be able instantly  to cast spells. But as I clattered down the road in my new shoes I seemed so human and clumpy and the wand remained just a sparkly star stuck on a stick.

When I sat down on a cold wet August day in 2006 and wrote the first post of this blog, I can’t remember what my expectations were . I know that I wanted readers but now reckon that I was hoping for a little instant magic too.

I had no idea that Cottage Smallholder would have such a fundamental affect on our lives at the cottage. Writing is a great way of automatically assessing the status quo.  Particularly events that I chose not to write about. Blogging and your responses have challenged and encouraged me to explore and question. But thinking about the blog today, I realised that the biggest change has been within me. I am happier, more content and confident and this is largely down to you. Readers are essential to the life of a blog.

Thanks to Danny we now have a great forum and it’s heartening to see so many people chatting and sharing ideas on there. If you haven’t yet visited, check it out – it’s fun and interesting. Danny has become much more involved with the site over the past year and this has been great for me. It has now become our site!

I feel so proud to be part of a burgeoning community and truly appreciate your support.

Thank you.

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  1. Domestic Executive

    Congratulations on your blogversary – it takes a great deal of hard work and I appreciate every tip, hint and insight that you share. Thank you to both of you and long make your blogging journey continue.

  2. Natasha

    happy birthday!

  3. casalba

    Happy Birthday to all at the Cottage. I love this site. Raise a glass to the next four years. xxx

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