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Great foodie treats for under £2: La Perruche sugar cubes

Photo: La Perruche cane sugar cubes

Shopping with my mum in Waitrose she asked me to show her anything that would be appreciated in a Christmas stocking.

We were passing the sugar section at the time and my eye fell upon the boxes of La Perruche pure cane rough cut cubes. Waitrose is the only supermarket that stocks these superb French sugar cubes. As they cost £1.69 for 500g they are a luxury that we haven’t bought for years. But as an occasional treat they are wonderful dropped into a cup of fresh black coffee or a large mug of tea.

The packaging is delightful. With parrot covered paper, just below the lid, covering the cubes. The cubes feel good in the hand too and as they are not of a uniform size you can select the perfect one for a cup, mug or even a thermos.

By the time Christmas arrived I’d forgotten all about the box and was delighted to find it in my stocking. For sugar lovers they are great present and will give enormous pleasure and add a luxurious sparkle to endless drinks for under £2.

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  1. Amy Jemima

    These are also my favorite sugar cubes, but in my area they are around $9 a box! Needless to say They are not a weekly purchase. Was just in France and bought a couple, but will def stock up the next time I’m in the UK. Yet another reason to go to Waitrose – like I need one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. michelle sheets

    Hi Fiona,
    I forget sometimes, what I call something isn’t nessaraly what folks other places call it. When I asked if you use brown sugar, I had meant the loose brown sugar that you use for baking, not the darker unrefined rough cut sugar cubes. (I hadn’t realized that some of the rough cubes had different colors.) The full molasses brown sugar makes coffee so rich, quite yummy.
    After I read the rest of the replies, I thought I had better clarify.

  3. Fiona Nevile

    Hello Michelle

    I only use brown sugar – in tea and coffee. Most people who are subjected to this really like it, particularly as you say, in coffee.

    The cubes are ‘elegant’. Special treats.

    Hi Pat

    I love these and because of the parrot inner paper, it seems like opening a present every time.

    Hello Pamela

    Banana cake sounds so tempting.

    I like sugar in my drinks. D doesn’t but he’s addicted to milk chocolate bars. I always buy good sugar (light muscovado or Tate and Lyles soft brown sugar). There’s nothing like a cup of sweet, strong tea when everything is crashing around your ears.

    BTW a client mentioned today how much she had enjoyed the Simon’s Cats cartoons. Thank you so much for sending me the link and spreading the fun.

    Hello Magic Cochin

    If you know that someone likes sugar these are a great present. They come in white too!

    Isn’t it funny that most tradesmen take sugar (including me). Perhaps it has something to do with quick fix energy levels?

    Hi Carol

    I was born in Devon and my brother went to school near Holsworthy! It’s a beautiful county and I have many happy memories of living there on and off during my childhood.

    Waitrose is starting to really compete with the cheaper supermarkets now. We shop at a handful each week to skim the best offers from each one. I reckon that the cubes will be cheaper at Waitrose as they’d have more buying clout than the local deli.

    Hi Jane

    I wish that I could drink my drinks really hot but prefer them five minutes after they have been brewed and quite enjoy them cold! So the cubes are fine for me. But they do need to be stirred well at the outset otherwise there is a nasty sugar layer at the bottom of a drained cup.

    HI Kate(uk)

    I’ve never seen the pebble sugar. But I do live most of my life beyond the fringes. I used to like the sugar gravel (society grits?) that my aunt used to feed to her pekes as a mini treat after supper. They took forever to dissolve in coffee but were very pretty.

    Hi Jane

    Good on you for stocking the best sugar in your larder for us sugar lovers!

    Hello Pamela

    I just posted this because if you like sugar in drinks this is the best sugar that I’ve found. No need to buy it but one day you might find someone who would appreciate the present.

    Hi Kate

    I know what you mean. But there is sweet and sweet. I hate cheap sweet and prefer savoury every time but I do like sugar in my drinks. Thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

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