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Happy Christmas everyone


Photo: Toy gun

Photo: Toy gun

I’ve just had a panicky call from The Chicken Lady.
“I can’t find my Brussels sprouts. I’d rather have them than turkey. Have you got any spare?”
Luckily I’d bought some extra ones – we do have a few in the kitchen garden but the plants weren’t very productive this year.

Christmas traditions are so strong. Christmas isn’t Christmas for Danny if there’s not a ham to guzzle. Christmas stockings are a must for me.  Talking on the phone to my mum this morning she wanted a list of everything that Danny had put in mine.
“A bicycle bell, a calculator, face wipes, a hottie, Murray River salt and a gun. There was chocolate money but it had been eaten by the mouse that was living in The Rat Room.”
“Did you say a gun?”
“A toy gun.”
“Why would you want a gun?”
“I think it was on offer.”

Actually, the gun looks rather fun. It fires foam discs. I just have to find some batteries. This might be just the thing for tackling the cobwebs on the bedroom ceiling.

Happy Christmas everyone!

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  1. A Belated Happy Christmas!

  2. allotofveg

    Removing cobwebs with a foam disc firing gun – were we separated at birth?

  3. Oh that put a smile on my face. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

  4. Thank goodness for you. Panicky was being kind I was borderline hysterical, the thought of not having bread sauce and brussel sprouts was too much to bear. You officially saved christmas.

    Taditions are strong I also still leave out Sherry and mince pies for Father christmas.

  5. Happy Christmas – I think it’s funny you got salt from the Murray River, which is about 30 mins from our house 🙂

  6. Happy Christmas! Bacon butties and stocking emptying are a must

  7. Happy Christmas to Fiona, Danny and the MIn Pins. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

  8. Toffeeapple

    That’s a novel way of dealing with spiderwebs!

  9. Happy Christmas Fiona (and Danny)!

    For me Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without our traditional cooked breakfast and the turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

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