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Happy New Year: may 2012 be a good one for all!

My name is Inca and I don't sent e-cards

My name is Inca and I don't send e-cards

I love Christmas but New Year is the buffed up golden holiday for me. A fresh start and the days are getting longer. There was a marvellous sunset at 4.30 pm today rather than the dreary 4 pm blackout of mid December.

The years seem to be flashing by at an alarming rate but we have lots of exciting plans and projects for 2012. I feel that this is going to be a very interesting time.

Over the past week or so, Danny and I have been bent over the bonnet of our server extracting email addresses. It’s that time of year again – sending out New Year good wishes. I’ve learnt a lot about databases and importing/exporting them into various email packages as .csv files! Quite a bit of ducking and diving but I do like a challenge.

Over the past week I’ve been mailing out our New Years e-cards and hopefully, if you have commented on the blog over the past year, you have received one from us all here at Cottage Smallholder. We appreciate your input. Every comment adds to the overall value of the site.

This year I’ve chosen an e-card from an American website that I only discovered recently – Blue Mountain . This site is great if you want to send out a lot of cards as you can import an entire address book. The maximum cards that it can send out at one time is just 20 but actually with a reasonably speedy ISP you can whizz through 100 names in no time. I sent the 1303rd card this afternoon! When I think of these little puffs of goodwill spreading across the globe, it’s definitely worth the effort.

It might take a while for your card to spin through the ether into your inbox but I do hope that it will be worth the wait.

Meanwhile I’d like to say Happy New Year to all our readers – unfortunately we are not clever enough to track down those who don’t make comments and send them a card too. I loved the card that we sent – if you are curious lurker you can take a peek at it here. Readers are what every blogger craves – they make the whole process of writing and posting worthwhile. So thank you for visiting my blog, it’s much appreciated.



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  1. Thank you for mine too. I have less time to read and comment than I used to but I always catch up on old posts when I get a free half hour so I’m still here even when I’m silent! I love to read all your posts tho don’t always manage all the comments like I used to. But thank you for your thoughtfulness and hard work

  2. Happy New Year! I am a silent, but a very regular admirer of your blog… Thank you so much for the e-card!

  3. Thanks for the e-card, what a lovely surprise. Thanks as well for the blog, you certainly have a lifestyle I aspire to. I was pleased to see your article on recycling broccoli stems, up to this point my husband thought I was losing the plot!!! Best wishes for 2012.

  4. Happy New Year – Look forward to this years blogs. Thanks for the card – I enjoyed it


  5. Sheelagh

    Happy New Year to you both too and many thanks for the e-card. It’s a very thoughtful gesture from one of my fav blogs! Hope you’re back on your feet & feeling well soon.
    Sheelagh x

  6. Lucy Hayward

    Ditto! I was very pleasantly surprised to get my New Year’s card from you – and I still dip into the blog all the time – just don’t always make a comment! I like your ‘sauce from other sacues’ idea, I have to admit, I always put both tomato ketchup and salad cream in when I’m making prawn or seafood cocktail……plus a bit of fresh chilli, dill, (or dried if I don’t have any)and lots of lemon and lime juice…..getting hungry just thinking about it 😉 Happy New Year one and all. Lucy

  7. PipneyJane

    It’s a lovely card. Mine arrived on Saturday and was much laughed over.

    Thank you for running this site and the knowledge/entertainment it brings.

    – Pam

  8. Thanks for the card and thanks for your blog. A day is not complete without a vist to TCS. Here’s to a happy 2012 to you both and all your followers.

  9. My card arrived and made me smile. Thank you, what a lovely thought.

  10. happy wishes for 2012 and thank you for the card

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