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How to make green willow wreaths for Christmas


Photo: Green willow wreaths

Photo: Green willow wreaths

I’ve been ogling simple wreaths for weeks now. They are quite expensive but could be good for Christmas – small ones on the tree and a large decorated one on the door. But how were they made?

A few weeks ago I cut some green willow from our tree and fashioned a little circle within minutes. I know that most things made with green willow split and bend in unconventional ways so I buried this little treasure in the spice bowl that is nurturing our pomanders. It is a seasoning and drying mix after all.

Since then I’ve twigged that to retain the round shape it would be easier to find a bottle of the appropriate diameter. Even start with a bottle to get the correct size.

The bits of the willow to choose are the thin, flexible branches that are hanging down and in reach. These will be covered in leaves. Cut your willow including a woodier bit to form the initial circle shape. Strip the branch of leaves.

Photo: Making the willow wreath

Photo: Making the willow wreath

Form your circle and then feed the flexible part of the willow through the centre of the circle and over the edge, then up through the centre and over again. This covers the original circle. When you come to the end of your willow branch, guide the tip through the wreath and snip it off.

If you want a chunkier wreath, take a new length of willow and carry on the process of up and over. The willow wreath in the picture below was made with two lengths of flexible green willow.

These little wreaths could be used for all manner of things. A rustic photo frame, the frame for a mirror, to hold a big bunch of flowers or even a circle to hang herbs to dry. In fact the options are only limited by your imagination.

Photo: Finished willow wreath

Photo: Finished willow wreath

If you have access to a willow tree you can make these. They are very cute, easy to make and the materials are free!

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  1. How long will the willow stay flexible once I have cut it? If it dries too much doea wetting it make it flexible again? Thanks

  2. Hi, loved these. I really want to frame a mirror with Willow for my bedroom. The mirror has a 2-3inch wooden frame on it.
    What is the best way to fix the Willow onto this frame? Would it be best to staple or glue?
    Many thanks for any help anyone can give me.
    Cheers Janine

  3. Sounds easy but I am sure it is not. Still as I have plenty of willow, and spurred on by all the positive comments, I am going to give it a go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Many thanks.

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