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Love anytime cards for the stand


Photo: Handmade cards

Photo: Handmade cards

For a few weeks I’ve been squirreling away bits and bobs to make some cards for the gate side stand. But as with so many things I have put the project on the back burner as I didn’t really know how to begin. 

I probably made my last handmade card as a teenager. I did serve the Blue Peter apprenticeship and enjoy making things but how was I going to design something to sell on the stand? I trawled through hundreds of Folksy shops for inspiration. There were loads of great ideas but I was getting nowhere.

So two days ago I set myself a challenge. To make a small series of cards – and do nothing else until these were made. Hence the silence on the blog and the screaming of rage from my bedroom when Inca flipped my unstuck roughs off the bed as she snuggled deep under the duvet.

Of course I have Valentines Day in mind but by leaving the cards blank they can also double as love anytime cards.


Photo: Enamel badge

Photo: Enamel badge

Pamela spotted that someone was selling little enamel “I love you” badges very cheaply on eBay. So I invested in a job lot of fifty. They are transformed with petit fours cases and a hoop of red card into a great little Valentine’s present.

The cards and badges are having their first airing on the stand today. I do hope that people will buy them.

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    just in case you were looking for another little valentines craft for the stand, I thought I’d share this one with you. Feel free to use it if you want! 🙂

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