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Lynn Keddies visit: Slugs, snails and a tripod that lost its tail


Photo: Flowers from our garden

Photo: Flowers from our garden

“Have you got any slugs?”
“There should be some under here.” I lifted a large stone to reveal some dormant slugs.
“They are way too small. I want a great big chunky slug.”
We were searching for a slug model for Lynn’s shoot. Eventually we found one under a large pot. It wasn’t a great performer. Just hunched itself into a ball and looked like a nut. Later on we found a snail and tried working with that. But it clearly didn’t understand our instructions and raced away from the camera and tripod at alarming speed.

Lynn Keddie finally did get the shots that she wanted.
“It’s like the people who want to be photographed with their pets. Really difficult to do.”
No, I wasn’t being photographed with these slimy creatures – although I’d love a portrait with the Min Pins but after her remark kept schtum. There wasn’t time for frolicking with tiny dogs on the swing seat.

It was so good to meet up with Lynn again. She’s a real inspiration – focussed, direct and a joy to work with. It was too windy to shoot on Tuesday afternoon, so after a quick tour of the garden we settled indoors for tea and farmhouse cake and a long gossip.  Later we guzzled supper (Danny cooked his chicken thighs with roasted veggies – delicious).

After a great evening the photoshoot next morning went really well. Lynn arrived before 6 am and was piped on board by the Min Pins. She had a good couple of hours alone in the garden before I joined her.

The dogs (and perhaps the slug and snail) were frightened by the sturdy tripod and camera. Some sort of three legged long nosed dog perhaps? But suddenly, much to the joy of the Min Pins, the tripod lost a leg. Poor Lynn had to carry on with just the camera.  .

The session was all over by midday which was lucky as shortly after I waved goodbye to Lynn, the heavens opened and it poured with rain. Damp and fully dressed I crept upstairs and crawled under the duvet and slept for hours – the sweetest, soundest sleep that I’ve had for weeks.

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  1. Heavens, I wish I’d know, I had a slug the size of a Sherman Tank in my lettuce patch last week – bright red, with a malevolent black eye, and seriously about six inches long and three inches across. Eeew. You could have had him for your shoot with pleasure.

  2. Kooky Girl

    That sounds like really good fun ! I’ll bet the photos will be fab.

  3. Fizzyian

    A book – now that would be the top of my Christmas list!!!!!

  4. I am so glad all went well for you and you had a really good day. You certainly deserve your rest.

  5. kate (uk)

    I did wonder how you got with the weather Fiona!
    Pleased to hear all went well- sweet dreams.

  6. Jean Damgaard

    Sounds as though you had some wonderful days, I can’t wait to see the photos. I’d buy your book as well.

  7. Oh jeez- if you needed slugs, I could have sent you some- we get absolute dinosaurs here.

    I can’t wait to see Lynn’s pictures posted on your blog. Are you guys doing some sort of book? Because you know, you really should. I’d buy it!

  8. brightsprite

    Oh, Fiona, sounds like you had a great day, and a great sleep – you must have needed it! Glad it went so well.
    Best wishes, Val, x

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