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Mini update on me


Photo: Sunflower

I’ve been off work for nearly three weeks now.  I’ve never slept so much in my life, sixteen hours a day brings me amazing dreams and great joy to three duvet loving Min Pins.

The tests came back negative for glandular fever and leukemia, which is a relief. The doc thinks that it’s another virus but arranged for new blood tests and x-rays which will be back next week.

Meanwhile I’m confined to the cottage and garden. Each day I feel a little stronger and have been tackling odd jobs in the garden that have been ignored for years. But most of my days are spent beneath a duvet in our vast spare room bed. This is an ancient Heals bed that has been in my family for over a hundred years. Complete with horsehair mattress and a fairy princess headboard, it is the perfect restful retreat.

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  1. Thanks all for the ‘get well’ wishes for Fiona.
    She is a model patient, very undemanding and is taking reasonable good care of herself while she heals.

    Honestly, she is no extra burden on my daily routine. Just the occasional squeak of “tea” (in a tiny, little-girl voice) when I pass by the spare bedroom on my way to make one of my interminable mugs of coffee during the day. I am very lucky to be her carer for this unfortunate period because she does cook a bacon and egg butty for us both most mornings and occasional suppers.

    It’s great having her at home all day long, for a change. 🙂

  2. ((((Big Hug)))) and a huge thumbs up for Danny 🙂 helping you get better.

    Sorry no idea about what to take, but lucozade always seems to help me if I am ill. The sugar must give me energy.

    get well soon Fiona! beaming you get well vibes

  3. Toffeeapple

    I’m so sorry to hear that you are still unwell and I hope that things are resolved very soon. New Era Combination B Tissue Salts have always helped me with non-specific ailments.

    Good luck and keep resting.

  4. Poor you, I hope you feel better soon, and rest is obviously the best treatment. I agree with the others, do do all you can to build up your immune system and don’t do too much too soon – you’ll be open to all the problems going for a while if you don’t watch out, such as shingles and colds.

  5. kate (uk)

    Keep up the sleeping,resting,good food,good books ( try some Flashman, great fun when not well).I suggest plenty of plates of fresh asparagus peas…

  6. Sometimes after an illness or surgery this can happen.
    I remember my neighbour had a minor operation and felt this way after surgery. She told me that sometimes she didn’t even have the energy to get up and make a cup of tea and had spent her days sleeping.
    After a few weeks she recovered. Maybe its the bodies way of re-charging the immune system after a real battering. They say that the body heals itself whilst we sleep and that is obviously whats happening to you Fiona, so let it take its course and enjoy the rest as let’s face it, only a few of us could manage to do the amount you do!
    Take care and get well soon XX Heidi XX

  7. I’m glad you are starting to feel a little better. Not sure what glandular fever is but think it may be the same as mononucleosis here in the states.
    If you are going the herbal path and can find it, then you may want to try nettles tea as it is very nourishing and restorative. Also shitaki mushroom (as food)and plain old chicken soup (homemade of course) work wonders.
    After you get better, try finding a Chinese herb called astragulus which you can get in a tea or as a dry root. I highly recommend this as tonic and it works as a preventative, but only to those who are already well. If you find it, let me know and I can tell you how to use it if you can’t find out on your own. Get well soon!

  8. So pleased to see your update today. Be sure and take things slowly. Your ‘recovery bed’ sounds a real haven!
    By the way I hope that our Sunflowers bloom like the one in your picture. x

  9. I bet they just tell you it is post-viral syndrome which is what I was eventually diagnosed with when they thought I had glandular fever. I struggled for ages just feeling tired and not right – as opposed to definitely ill. I used to walk round the corner to the video shop but be too tired to watch the video when I got home! Eventually my mum bought me a concoction from the health food shop which seemed , whether by coincidence or not, to do the trick and got me back on my feet. It was a Royal Jelly, Vit E and ginseng mix by a company called Ortis. I recall it not being particularly nice to take but I went through more than one bottle of it and took more when I had a relapse a few months later. My suggestion would be to boost your immune system by taking loads of vit C and echinacea and drinking loads to flush the virus out of your body. If you have a juicer drink lots of fresh veggie juice too. Get well soon.

  10. Michelle in NZ

    Thank goodness you’re improving – even if you don’t yet know what it is you are improving from.

    The spare room set up sounds ideal, just hope none of the Min Pins snore. (Yes – Zebbycat is snoring away again).

    Well done to Danny for looking after you so well, sending care and huggles to you all, Michelle

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